6 Things to Try While High: A Stoner’s Guide to Beating Boredom

The best part of a cannabis high is often what happens next. You’re feeling buzzed and are more sensitive to sights and sounds. Being high can make otherwise normal, even mundane activities vastly more enjoyable. Video games, “stoner movie” marathons and just sitting around and shooting the shit, are common post-doobie pastimes. After a while though, you might be looking for something new to try while high on THC. So, we’ve put together a list of alternative endeavours you can try while high, whether with your buds or just alone (with your “buds”). 😉

Get Creative!

Even if you aren’t necessarily the “creative type”, there are plenty of artistic hobbies that are fun to try out while buzzing on marijuana. One of the biggest roadblocks that stop people from exploring their creative side, is a lack of confidence. They’re not sure if their ideas are any good, and they don’t believe or are not aware of any particular talent that they may possess, so they don’t bother to try. However, cannabis can be very good for taking down mental barriers.

Use this to your advantage. After a quick smoke or letting the edibles kick in, get your creative supplies together. Grab some paints, pick up a pencil, dust off an old guitar, open a writing app, or even pick up some crocheting needles. Let yourself create whatever comes to your mind and absorb yourself in the creative process. Who knows, you may even find a new favourite side-hobby, even after the bud wears off.

The “Try Not to Laugh” Challenge

Watching movies is a common activity for stoners, particularly when a film is especially funny, exciting or intense. But if you’re sick of movies, perhaps the ‘try not to laugh while stoned’ challenge could be a fun thing to do. 

Make a folder of images, or a playlist of videos to watch while high. For some extra fun, make this a personal challenge when you’re not high, versus when you are high. Keep score of how many times you laugh during the challenge, and use that to judge the videos you picked while sober straight, and your ability to keep it together while high. This creates stakes, and can add give you a little something to look forward to the next time you pull out some herb.

High Nature Walks

Taking a walk while high, or “high-king” as some call it, can be one of the most tranquil activities to do while high. Not only is walking a great way to stay active, walking while high can offer new perspectives, and a greater appreciation for our surroundings, the world and our place in it.

Your heightened senses bring the world to life. Surroundings are more colourful. Aromas are stronger. Sounds are more present and distinct. Whether you hiking up a mountain or strolling along the shore, high nature walks are fun! 

And if you’re looking to turn your nature expedition into an overnight camping trip, check out our tips on how to stay safe while camping with cannabis.

Shop Hopping

Stores and markets are filled to the brim with stimuli. Tastetesting at a bakery or trying clothes on at the thrift store are already fun enough on their own, but again, adding marijuana to the equation makes these moments feel like you’re getting the most out of every moment. Head downtown, visit a local shopping complex, or just go window shopping for a bit. Shop hopping is a lot more fun than one might realize.


Yoga on its own, is a typically peaceful and relaxing practice. Add some weed, and you’re in for an enhanced experience. Unlike other forms of exercise, you’re not over-exerting yourself with yoga, making it a bit of a no-brainer for cannabis users. 

Yoga relaxes your blood vessels and helps increase blood flow throughout your body. Increased blood flow means you’re going to feel more of the effects of the cannabis that you ingested. So, if you’re looking for something to do that is healthy, physically challenging, and completely doable while high, then we say… “Namaste!” 🙂

Chores… No, Really

This is going to sound strange, but there are quite a few people who typically hate doing chores, yet find them relaxing after smoking some weed or consuming some edibles. Initially, you may not have any interest in getting work done around the house, but once you get going, doing chores can turn into a form of meditation. Your mind relaxes and you tend to enter a somewhat a fixated state, and the repetitive nature of a given task makes it easy to get into a rhythm. With your favourite music on in the background and some quality weed in your system, vacuuming and doing the dishes can turn into an oddly satisfying and soothing experience.


By the Potmaster General, for Potsmart

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