How to Help Your Friend Try Weed for the First Time

Marijuana is most often enjoyed with friends, and maybe you have a friend who hasn’t yet tried it but wants to. While it’s always exciting to share something you enjoy with your friends, they need to be able to enjoy themselves too. A bad first experience can ruin the opportunity to share more of what you like with them. It’s not a bad idea to be prepared for when your friend (finally) wants to try some weed. So here are some tips to help along your friend and his budding interest in cannabis, while avoiding some potential first-timer pitfalls.

Make Sure Your Friend is Really Ready. Really.

People will frequently consider trying marijuana for the first time at a party, or while hanging out with friends. It might be something they’ve thought about for a while, and part of the reason may be that they want to feel included. As much as you want to just pass them a fatty and love it, you need to conduct yourself responsibly. Talk to them first and be sure this is really what they want to do, and not a spur-of-the-moment decision that they haven’t fully thought through.

And there are ways to do this without killing the mood. You could ask your friend something along the lines of, “Are you up for it?” Be encouraging, adding just a pinch of caution to your delivery. And remember not to make too big a deal of trying marijuana. Nervousness can change marijuana’s impact on the body, so normalizing the initial experience with it can help to put your friend in the best possible mindset for it.

Using One’s Best Judgement

Not surprisingly, there are a lot of people looking to try cannabis for the first time when they’re drunk. If your inebriated friend is insisting on trying marijuana for the first time, it’s kind of on you to use your best judgement and possibly throw a wrench into that plan. Your friend needs to know how cannabis affects their body before they try mixing it with drink (for other). Tell them that you’re happy that they want to try it, but that maybe it would be better until after they’ve sobered up, or even better, on another day all together. You only get one shot to try marijuana for the first time, so best to ensure your friend doesn’t end up 4 shades of green on the bathroom floor.

The Talk

If you have a friend who is leaning towards trying weed for the first time, consider having a little talk ready for them, that touches on what they should expect from the experience. Let them know that different people have varied responses to smoking marijuana, but give them at least a sense of what they can expect.
It’s worthwhile to mention how long it can sometimes take for the high to kick in. Everyone’s heard about or been involved with some kind of situation where someone has tried marijuana for the first time, felt nothing at first, and so tried it again. And then again. This is especially important if you’re taking edibles. Don’t allow them to become too over zealous. Patience is pretty important here. You don’t need to tell them absolutely everything there is to know. Don’t freak them out. Keep it brief and relaxed.

Baby Puffs

This isn’t dinner at your Grandma’s house when you were 6. You don’t need to finish everything in front of you. Marijuana can be very potent for first-time smokers. So encourage your friend to try just a little bit at first. Maybe recommend just one puff, maybe two, if they’re not hacking away from the first one. And if you’re consuming edibles, only give them a fraction of a serving. If after a little while all seems to be going well, then you can offer them a bit more… and then a bit more… and so on.

In Conclusion…

If everything goes fantastically and your friend becomes a more regular participant in the doobie circle, then you can start considering stronger strains, higher to doses and different surroundings for them to try out. Perhaps recommend some reading / other resources for them to check out, so that they can better educate themselves as cannabis’s many complexities. If they’d like, you can send them our article, Smoking, Edibles, or Vaping? A New User’s Guide to Consuming Cannabis, as well as our article, A Beginner’s Guide To Buying Weed Online. For more extensive reading, there’s Cannabis: A Complete Guide. The more that they know and understand about cannabis, the fuller, more enjoyable and more familiar their experiences will be.


By the Potmaster General, for Potsmart

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