How To Smoke Weed Discreetly: A Simple Guide to Getting High on the Down Low

Sure, yeah, it’s legal, but the odour of cannabis can draw unwanted attention. To avoid detection by neighbours, roommates, landlords, bosses, or whoever, here are tips to conceal the smell of weed.

Classic Door Towel

To conceal your deep dankness, shove a towel into the door into the crack. Grinding, dabbing, and vaping can all be detected easier if air is flowing through the crack under the door. Block it up! Dampen the towel for extra credit and use it to block any gaps between the floor and door.

Ventilation For Victory

Hiding the odour of AAA weed requires expedited extraction of the scent from the space. One solution is to use a room with a window and place a fan blowing out said window. To enhance the effectiveness, blow your smoke through that fan and out the window. If you’re a regular wake ‘n’ baker, consider investing in an air purifier to eliminate the smell of weed smoke lingering.

Skip The Paperwork

Lighting up a joint or blunt is like sending up a smoke signal, announcing your presence to anyone within smelling distance. The papers will stay lit, constantly releasing the smell into the air. Getting the scent of stale smoke out of a room after a session can be as difficult as getting rid of an unwanted guest – it can linger for days. If you must smoke, a pipe is the better option to be a stealthy stank ninja.

One In – One Out Policy

A bowl can stay lit after a hit is finished allowing trails of smoke to spread and stink up the area. The less cannabis smoke in the air, the better, so some people cap their bowls. My buddy uses the top to a dab container to cover his bong bowls after a rip.

Another  good way to keep smells down when smoking bowls, bubblers or bongs is to only pack as much as you can smoke in one hit. This way there should be no cherry and nothing but ash left by the time you’re done inhaling. And you ventilated for the exhale right? …Right?!


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Sploof Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

The term “sploof” may sound whimsical, but it’s a helpful tool in reducing the odour from a smoke session. It’s a device that you blow smoke into, which filters out the unpleasant scent.

You can easily make your own sploof using a paper towel or toilet roll filled with dryer sheets. Simply secure a dryer sheet on one end with a rubber band or tape. There are also commercial products, that use activated carbon to filter second-hand smoke, like a filter purifying water. When you exhale all of your smoke through a sploof at the back of a fan and limit your smoking to one-hitters, the amount of smoke and odour in the air should be minimal. Nice.

Vapes Are Your Friend, Young Wizard

Using a vaporizer is like a cloak of invisibility when it comes to the smell of smouldering skunk. Live out your best Harry Pothead fantasies as it won’t linger or stick to your clothes like smoke. MAGIC!

After a vape session, a piece of gum or a breath mint can help cover the scent, but it’s still a good idea to towel your door and use a fan to minimize the smell of the vaporization process. Compared to smoke, the scent of vaporized cannabis or concentrates is less intense and noticeable.

As long as the visible cloud cast by your magical exhalation is not directed towards someone nearby, no one will know you’re getting high. Taking puffs when nobody is looking and hiding your vaporizer in a pocket when not in use can help keep things low-key, you sneaky weed wizard you.


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Clean Yourself Up, You Filthy Wook

Here’s some free game, wash your hands. You know, this applies to more than just weed. Washing your hands is just a great idea. Maybe you should get up right now and wash yours real quick. Your keyboard will thank you. But, back to the point, wash your hands, brush your teeth and change your shirt. This will get rid of a lot of the lingering odour that you literally cannot smell. You have become the source of the stank now. Your dragon breath is a dead giveaway. Your fingers smell like ash and your clothes are a carrier, change it.

Now you’re ready to confidently walk out into the world, look the cute girl at the NomNomNom Poutine dead in the eye and reply, “Yes, um yes, I am high, erm, sorry, I guess I’ll just take a double cheese.”

Looking good. 😉

Oh Ya, Keep It Locked Up Tight

Get yourself a jar. If you need to learn how to store your weed best, check out our previous article, “Is My Weed Too Old: The Duration of Dankness“. You know that bag isn’t smell proof though, so stash your stash a little more discreetly and win.


By Richard “Dick” Weed, Guest Contributor for Potsmart

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