A Fresh, Less Predictable List of What to Watch While Stoned

The secret is out. Everyone knows I’m a huge stoner, a wake and bake, never leaves home without his herb, you will know me by the sound of my cough type of everyday pothead. In the same way that every Christmas inevitably a family member will get me a tie dye shirt that says “Freshly Baked” or something similar, gormandizers of good ganja are suggested the same few things to watch online while high. It’s cool, everyone loves Chong man, but you can only watch Up In Smoke so many times. (Once.) Make sure you’ve gone to the HoJo and picked up a bunch of munchies because here is a list of suggestions of things to watch after you get unreasonably high.

Grab yourself some weed here and get ready to zone out…


Mountain of Hell

Total chaos on mountain bikes in the Alps is what this delivers. This race starts with over 1,000 riders at the top of a mountain in the alps and ends at the bottom. There are very few trails and riders start in the snow on what would be more appropriate to ski down. Get blazed and watch the whole race as this guy passes 1,000 people. This race is great to watch high because there are plenty of thrills mixed in with the incredible landscape of the Alps.


Bodysurfin’ The Movie

Unlike its sexy cousin surfing, body surfing has never been cool or marketable. Don’t tell that to David Schwepps, hit star of the incredible Bodysurfin’ The Movie. Get ready for weird skits, a completely made up lingo and bag of tricks with creamy slow-mo shots of Aussies bodysurfing. Sports like bodysurfing are almost like a dance since there are no real objectives other than staying in the wave and having a great time.



I’m not really sure if this guy is an innovator or just a weirdo, but he’s been using a suit full of rollerblade wheels to bomb down formidable hills and weave through traffic for what seems like two decades now. You got to give it to a guy who keeps on keeping on with a sport he invented


Getting blazed can really help you centre your mind in a specific moment and enjoy art on a deeper level. Pull up your favourite artist live or acoustic and see what they sound like if you’ve never seen them in person. Even if you aren’t a musician there is so much wonderful information to be pulled from watching artists work. Here are some amazing artists I like to put on in the background as audio visual flavour for me session:


Dosh is a true one man band, playing a looping everything, but not to be lumped in with the general cringy and gimmicky loop musicians that are a dime a dozen. Probably his biggest claim to fame is being part of the rhythm section for Andrew Bird. In fact much of what I enjoy about Andrew Bird is contributed by Dosh. He’s just a stunning drummer, keyboardist etc.

Against the Clock

This is a series where electronic artists are given 10 minutes to create a song. If you’re into electronic music this is a gem. If not, it may help guide you towards appreciation as it focuses on process, gear and creation in a very concrete way. Check out this episode here:


Pencils etc.

A lot of us have a childlike fascination for how things are made. If you don’t have one, maybe it’s time to consider fostering one. A lot of people find videos on the process of making something to be relaxing.  Sure you could watch Rick n Morty while baked, but don’t you want to learn how a pencil is made?


Hot Sauce

Did you know Tabasco Sauce takes 3 years to ferment? Stop lying, of course you didn’t. Learn that and more in the classic “How It’s Made” episode on hot sauce. How It’s Made is a great show to watch while stoned in general. Mark Tewksbury is every Canadian’s wholesome dad. How could you not want to sit and listen to him explain how rainbow sprinkles or Twinkies are made.

There you have it, not a single Cheech n Chong movie, no That 70’s Show (classic), no Bob Marley (listen I love Bobby, but this is a “refreshing” list my fellow stereotype), but still generally interesting stuff to watch. Stay safe and order weed in. Both your mom and Mark Tewksbury are worried about you.

Buy some weed bro.


By Richard “Dick” Weed, Ganja Guru and Guest Contributor for Potsmart

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