Who’s Your MOM!? The Best Online Mail Order Marijuana Businesses in Canada Right Now! (Part 1)

Oh, Canada! Our great nation that brought the world bagged milk, mounted Police and maple syrup market manipulation is increasingly infamous for yet another innovation, the Mail Order Marijuana business. While our neighbours to the South have taken a rather muddled approach through individual States legalizing amidst the backdrop of continued federal prohibition, and the very idea of shipping weed is always “trap,” Canadians are enjoying the ease of MOM’s. If you’re looking to shop for your weed online you’ve come to the correct post. Here are some of the best Canadian MOMs right now…




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Whether you’re looking for Moonrocks, edibles, flower or even Deemer carts with free shrooms tossed in, they’ve got you covered. So next camping trip with the boy, perhaps everyone could fiscally collaborate on a shared “Trip.” At Budlyft they take pride in exclusively working with the most seasoned cannabis cultivators, and subject every product they offer to a strict testing procedure to ensure that they can confidently support it.

Shop BudLyft here and get 15% off EVERYTHING with code “PSBL15”.


Buy Low Green


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Buy Low Green is committed to providing individuals with premium cannabis products at the most reasonable prices. This is why they offer the finest mail order marijuana service in Canada, believing that everyone deserves access to top-quality cannabis products. They have pleasant bundles for the frugal gormandizer of exquisite horticultural offerings. Check them out. Who could hate on a package deal consisting of flower and edibles at such a convivial price point?

Shop Buy Low Green Here and get 15% off EVERYTHING with code “POTSMART”.




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Cannabismo prioritizes providing their members with an all-encompassing experience to ensure they derive maximum benefit from each visit. They strive to guarantee that all customers find value when shopping with them. A quick scan of their inventory shows 1.200 mmg gummy bear packs for $45. That’s a lot of high for your buy.

Shop Cannabismo here and get 15% off EVERYTHING with code “POTSMART”.


Chronic Farms


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Chronic Farms offers a broad range of strains to cater to diverse medical conditions, and at the most competitive prices with an assurance of the lowest rates. They exhibit an unwavering passion for their exceptional line of products, and demonstrate a commitment to delivering exemplary customer service that is second to none. These homies got you covered with mushroom tea, pet CBD, Vape carts, AAAA bud and more. Check it out.

Shop Chronic Farms Here and get 20% off EVERYTHING with code “POTSMART20”.


Evergreen Medicinal


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The cannabis products offered by this establishment are recognized for their efficaciousness in alleviating symptoms of a multitude of medical conditions and disorders. These may encompass an array of afflictions such as chronic pain, insomnia, nausea, anorexia, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, among other maladies. And imagine you have a lot of maladies, well, fret not fellow stoner, you can mix and match a QP here. (That’s a quarter pound for those of you who never flipped a pillow pre-legalization. I got you.)

Shop Evergreen Medicinal Here and get 10% off EVERYTHING with code “POTSMART10”.


Get Kush


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For the clever wook stacking deals could save you up to 40% at Get Kush. That’s a lot of free green and that’s how Get Kush extends a cordial welcome to its clientele. As a dispensary, its sole objective is to provide an unparalleled shopping experience while offering cost-effective options for high-quality marijuana. The dispensary endeavours to ensure that its customers find utmost satisfaction in their cannabis purchases, making shopping with them an enjoyable experience.

Shop Get Kush Here and get 15% off all non-flower items with code “POT15NONFLOWER”.




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They’ve got some very nice top shelf herb here at Supherbs, one of the finest weed delivery and online cannabis dispensaries in Canada, offering shipping services to every city and town across the country. With same-day weed delivery in Calgary, this dispensary has made a name for itself as a reliable and efficient source for all your cannabis needs. Whether you’re looking for high-quality buds, edibles, concentrates or accessories, this dispensary has it all. If you’re looking for something special, get clicky below.

Shop Supherbs Here and get 15% off EVERYTHING with code “POTSMART15”.



There you have it, friends. You’re welcome for turning you on to what might become your fave new plug. Gone are the days of expeditiously searching out a hookup of Big Bud and here to stay is business as usual. just like any other industry.

As a final parting gift I’ll play budtender for you. Here are my top picks:

18 grams of imported Afghani Hash?! – Get at it old heads.

One ounce and One Edible for $75! Keep the house weed stocked. It doesn’t all have to be top shelf.

That’s a lot of THC in the sour gummies here.

Ghost Train Haze for those of you who like the anxiety.


By Bailey Quarters, Cannabis Connoisseur and Guest Contributor for Potsmart

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