Who’s Your MOM!? The Best Online Mail Order Marijuana Businesses in Canada Right Now! (Part 2)

Hey you! I heard you’re looking for the lowdown on Mail Order Marijuana in Canada. Well if you read our previous post and still are hungry for more dank action check out the fine companies below. Everyone here is providing exceptional service at a great value for their customers. It’s amazing to see the legal market driving prices lower and lower while providing more and more options. The variety of ways to get high is astonishing. You won’t go wrong ordering from any of the vendors below. Here’s a list in no particular order as always:


Herb Approach


Herb Approach Logo


Herb Approach is a company with a straightforward mission – to provide patients with top-notch medical marijuana. They’ve got some fantastic prices on build-your-own ounce deals. The team at Herb Approach boasts over 30 years of combined experience in the cannabis industry, which makes them well-equipped to help you get blazed. Order through the link below.

Shop Herb Approach here and get 15% off EVERYTHING with code “POTSMART”.




Mellow Logo


Mellow, a provider of cannabinoid products, providing a service that is easy to understand, convenient, and reliable. They aimed to distance themselves from the perceived “cannabis culture” and jargon, instead focusing on offering a simple and approachable service for the non festy going wook. No birkenstocks required. Check them out for your oils and tinctures.

Shop Mellow Here and get 25% off EVERYTHING with code “POTSMART25”.


Speed Greens


Speedgreens Logo


With an overwhelming amount of awards for their products and some nice deals on gummies, you might want to check out Speed Greens. And with their competitive pricing, you won’t have to break the bank to get your deliveries made. They’ve got cheap zips and slabs at the ready for your toking needs. They’ve made a name for themselves by being reliable and a great source for your marijuana wants.

Shop Speed Greens here and get 10% off EVERYTHING with code “POTSMART10”.




And there you have it friends, a few more great MOMs to check out. What more could you ask for? You’ve got cheap ounces, fresh hash, vape carts, edibles and more up there to dig through. This is enough weed window shopping to keep the average stoner stuck in a mind brick of indecision for a week. Good luck sorting through all the dankness to find your next high. Do yourself a favour an order some delivery food too because with this much marijuana, you’re going to be couch-locked for the next week.

In closing, I think it’s prudent to make mention of a few online dispensaries that you should strongly consider avoiding. I don’t know, maybe it’s me, but customer service and solid communication / prompt responses to queries, etc. are the cornerstones of any truly professional operation. I mean, why would I want to give my hard-earned money to a business that doesn’t seem to care about their customers or that doesn’t respond to their customers when they have questions or any concerns to discuss with them? Why give my money to them if I can give it to a business that demonstrably appreciates my patronage and responds to my communications? If I have a choice, which I do, I’m giving my money to the company that values my business and that is generally respectful, over one that doesn’t and isn’t. So, with that, here are some online dispensaries with which I have had negative experiences and which I would (will) stay clear of…

Bulk Weed Inbox
Canna Wholesalers
Haute Health
Low Price Bud
Online Dispensary Canada

The High Club
West Coast Supply


If you liked this article, check out the previous one with 7 other, terrific Canadian Mail Order Marijuana businesses that you can shop at right now. You’ve got many options. Use them!!

Happy puffin’! 🙂


By Bailey Quarters, Cannabis Connoisseur and Guest Contributor for Potsmart

Who’s Your MOM!? The Best Online Mail Order Marijuana Businesses in Canada Right Now! (Part 1)

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