You Can’t Dab Without a Setup… Let’s Get You a Rig

Headshops are overwhelming. I can’t even. If you also can’t even, let’s just give some proper suggestions.

Things we aren’t covering fully but you’ll want to know if you’re a beginner

Before you get started remember you’re also going to need a dabber and a carb cap. If these words are foreign to you I’d suggest looking up a few videos on “How-to dab.” Most of these suggestions come with quartz bangers, which many dabbers prefer. If it doesn’t you need to pay attention to the millimeter size of the “joint” or spot the banger attaches to. Common sizes for dab rigs are 10mm and 14mm. There is also a larger size, but not generally used for dabbing.

When it comes to carb caps I like ones with directional air flow. It helps vaporize those concentrates really nicely. Dabbers usually come in titanium or borosilicate and I prefer the latter. This is just the tip of the iceberg for names and devices folks use to enjoy concentrates. If it’s all expensive and overwhelming sounding, perhaps a digital version is an easier alternative.

A temperature reading device or timer is advisable. You don’t want to dab too hot. Protect yourself. Don’t blindly do anything regarding cannabis without researching yourself and making an informed and adult decision. But what am I telling you that for? You know that right? There’s a whole world of dabbing techniques and internet “experts” for you to explore. Use your head when getting your head right.


Recyclers are aptly named for their distinctive two-chamber system that recirculates water through a loop. When you inhale, the smoke and water travel the same path, passing through the main chamber, which contains water, and a perc before entering the second chamber through one of the separation tubes. From there, the smoke and water follow another separation tube, returning to the reservoir to repeat the cycle until the vapour is pulled out of the mouthpiece. It’s similar to a closed-circuit recycling system, where materials are continuously processed and reused, with the added benefit of providing a smooth and refreshing hit every time.

This half globe recycler could be used for flower or dabs, but in general recyclers are not fun to clean. For that reason I reserve them for concentrates use only. This one seems to come with a bowl and a banger. Bonus.

Mini Recycler

The design of this product is cute. Yes, cute. I own a couple of these or similar. It combines MJ Arsenal’s trademark quality and practical design with added functionality. The piece has a compact  (and super heady) 10mm joint that comes with a matching quartz banger. It perfectly complements its design. The small size of the piece and the banger work together to provide optimal flavour and aroma from your concentrates.

You may think larger is smoother when it comes to dab rigs, but you’re wrong! Temperature is key to smoothaucity (yes that’s a word) and smaller size is generally more flavo-centric. (yes, that’s also a word.)

Triple Heart Recycler

Another cute one. It features not two but three stunning handmade borosilicate hearts in full colour. Each heart is not only beautiful but also fully functional, making this piece a true work of art. The second heart boasts a unique spirally swirl design that is sure to captivate any curious toker. From top to bottom, this recycler has been crafted with absolute precision and attention to detail. This makes a great gift, but hurry it’s limited.

A bong that will work as a rig

The nice part about a bong as a rig is that it can play double duty. That’s also pretty gross without a solid cleaning after using flower. The beauty of dabbing is not tasting that ash and bong water.

This bong is pretty nice and has ample room for water which in my opinion makes for a cooler hit. Again you’re going to need to match your banger to your connection there on the water pipe. The worst thing is getting a new rig and having mismatched the banger.

What I would not suggest

I would 100% suggest this for flower. It’s perfect. However with dabs it will be very airy. By the time the vapour reaches you it will mingle with a large volume of air and dilute the hit. This is why any rigs are smaller with 10mm joints and narrow airways. Big bongs like this are more suited to loading up with ice and hitting big rips of flower bowls.

And there you have it, a bunch of fully suitable rigs for dabbing. If you’re not an experienced cannabis user do be cautious when consuming concentrates. The potency is considerably greater than flower. Like edibles it is wise to start small and go from there when you see how it effects you. Unlike edibles, the effects are immediate.


By Bailey Quarters, Cannabis Connoisseur and Guest Contributor for Potsmart

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