1000 MG Weed Lean? Shut Up and Take My Money

Lean, sizzurp, purple drank, whatever you call it, it’s Opiates. Several celebrities, including Bow Wow, have admitted to having severe addictions to lean. Rapper 2 Chainz was arrested for possessing promethazine. The drink has even been attributed to Lil Wayne’s seizures. The odds of overdose increase when lean is mixed with alcohol, making it highly addictive and potentially deadly.

Instead of drinking cough syrup recreationally like a weird addict, why don’t you try something legal and much better for you? Put down the Promethazine and step towards the lighter side of weed lean friend. Do you want to replace your cough with seizures or good sleep? That’s the question you’re really answering in the decision between weed lean and codeine cough syrup.

THC syrup is just a cannabis-infused simple syrup type of liquid that is similar to cough syrup in texture.

Unlike regular cough syrup, it does not have a medicinal flavour and is packed with cannabinoids. The syrup is made by mixing cannabis concentrate or extract with coconut oil or vegetable glycerine to thicken it. The packaging and delivery method are similar to cough syrup, with many people taking it by the spoonful. This method is thought to be faster acting as it can be absorbed orally and sublingually. The THC content is clearly labeled on the product for easy dosage.

Drinking THC syrup is like drinking any other syrup, it can be consumed easily on its own. However, most people prefer to mix it with soda or seltzer water.. Pretty much any way your favourite mumble rapper would prep his cough syrup you can do with your weed lean. Shocking, I know. So go max out on pineapple soda, Jolly Ranchers and double or triple up your damn cup! Let the world think you are a true baller with total disregard for your health all the while you’re actually keeping it low-key with your plant based concoction.

Wait, you aren’t concerned with looking like Lil’ Pump? Oh well, THC syrup also provides the same benefits as other cannabis edibles, allowing you to enjoy the medicinal properties of THC and other cannabinoids. Additionally, it has the added benefit of potentially acting faster and being more discreet.

For individuals who experience nausea or have a low appetite, THC syrup can be an excellent alternative to smoking or consuming high-fat edibles like cannaoil or cannabutter. However, THC syrup can be high in sugar, which may not be suitable for people with diabetes.

According to some reports (made by me and all my homies), THC syrup is known to produce effects more quickly than traditional edibles like your buddy’s brownies or gummies from the MOM. However, the exact timing of the effects can vary depending on individual differences. Higher metabolisms metabolize things at a higher rate it turns out. Also, shocking, I know.  It’s recommended to wait for at least half an hour before considering taking a second dose. Even experienced smokers can find edibles or drinks overwhelming. It’s not a great feeling.

Some folks may argue that cannabis brands should not associate their products with addictive and destructive drugs like Opiates. However it is an easy argument to make that converting users who would otherwise enjoy an unhealthy drug to a more health conscious alternative is a net positive. It’s also a little corny to get worked up about adding weed to soda and candy because other people add codeine to it. It is simply a delivery method some of the public has decided it enjoys. It makes sense the market will adapt and deliver.

So there you have it. Kick the lean to the curb and go for the weed sizzurp. Your body will thank you in the long run and I will stop judging your life choices. I know you were worried about that last part most. Or maybe you’re a patient who requires very high doses of cannabinoids to get the desired relief. This is your product. This has the punch to knock you out or dull sensation. That can honestly be hard to find.

THC syrup may have numerous benefits for those who consume it, such as:

  • Relaxation. Most THC syrup consumers agree that they enter a relaxed, stress-free state relatively quickly after consuming the product.
  • Nausea related to eating disorders, digestive disorders, IBS, chemotherapy for cancer treatment, and so on. There is extensive research highlighting the positive effects of THC and other cannabinoids (and, therefore, THC syrup) in nausea and vomiting regulation in certain circumstances, so you can use this product to alleviate some gastrointestinal symptoms.
  • Boosting appetite. Like many cannabis products, THC syrup can encourage a boost in appetite, especially in people with some eating problems.
  • Inflammation and pain relief. THC syrup provides the same level of pain relief in chronic pain and inflammation situations as other high-dose or high-concentration options. In addition, compared to smoking, edibles, or concentrates, it has a quicker effect, especially if you use it sublingually.


By the Potmaster General, for Potsmart

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