Potsmart’s Guide to the Galaxy… of Edibles!

Listen, it’s no secret, smoking is bad for you. Regardless of the fact that cannabis seems much safer than tobacco or say, pine needles, smoking anything produces carcinogens. This fact alone has many stoners turning to vaporization or even better, edibles. Both of these options are safer on the lungs and can produce stunning highs.

Check out the candy section here at Potsmart. 😉

Edibles are awesome. They are one of the “cleanest” ways to get high, but before we get too deep here it would be irresponsible of us not to warn beginners to start low and slow when it comes to eating weed. It is incredibly easy to overdo it and eat more edibles while waiting for the first to kick in. If you’re trying edibles for the first time, perhaps try 5 milligrams of THC and wait a couple hours before knocking any more down.

Even those who have a high smoking tolerance can find the creeping effect of edibles a little wildly uncontrollable. Some folks just won’t like the effect. Other chronic users will enjoy the intensity that edibles can bring. Certainly most would agree that one big difference in the high is that the body feel is much more pronounced. Couch lock and weed naps are a major danger.

It should be noted that THC uptakes through your blood on oils and fats. Because of this, edibles with high fat content, say peanut butter cups with infused peanut butter, often “hit” faster or harder. At least that’s the perception.

Many stoners get hung up on simple THC numbers, however what you ingest may pilot the experience a little as well. Here’s our guide to some of our favourite ways to get stoned.


Candy & Gummies:

Gummies are a solid choice for edibles. The sugar content and flavours cover weed well in general, and they come in more varieties than you even want. If you aren’t cool with gelatin they make vegan varieties, sour gummies, sweet, high dose or micro, they have them all here.

Potsmarts’ Pick > Sugar Jack’s Yogurt Gummies

Sugar Jack’s offers a delightful treat with their 500mg THC Yogurt Gummies, carefully crafted using all-natural flavours and colours. These gummies are meticulously handcrafted, infusing them with premium distillate extract throughout the cooking process. The result is a collection of Strawberry Yogurt Gummies that are refreshingly sweet, juicy, and incredibly tasty.



Who doesn’t love chocolate? If you’re not down with gelatin and don’t want fruit, try chocolates. The fat content in most chocolate treats helps facilitate the uptake of THC into your bloodstream as well.

Potsmarts’ Pick > Organa 525mg THC TKO Bar

This bar is packed with a generous amount of 525mg of THC for the entire bar or approximately 87.5mg per piece. This delectable treat is specially crafted for individuals seeking a high-dose edible while maintaining a discreet form. Be advised the dosing is not for the faint of heart. Created with care in Organas kitchen, this Chocolate Bar is handcrafted using only the finest quality ingredients.



Brownies and cookies are a classic for a reason. It used to be that stoners had to make their own weed butter or infuse their cannabis into some other kind of fat.  The arduous process, while worth it, always made for an unpredictable batch dosing wise.

Amazingly today they can be delivered right to your door thanks to mail order marijuana here in Canada. Unlike homemade brownies, mail order brownies have dosing information readily printed on the label to help you not get too blasted.  Like everything else on this list, these can be easy to abuse. Watch your sugar intake!

Potsmarts’ Pick > Shatter Brownies

Each batch of Shatter Brownies is meticulously crafted using real, delectable chocolate and premium full spectrum butane hash oil. Euphoria Extractions has dedicated years of effort, continually refining their extraction techniques, ingredients, and even the strains employed. As a result, they have perfected one of Canada’s most sought-after and delicious cannabis-infused edibles.



If you’ve ever wanted to drink your weed, you can. Okay not technically candy, but with the sugar content in most weed drinks, let’s be honest with ourselves here. The best part about drinking THC is that the effects hit much faster than eating it. Fizzy sodas, teas, infused coffees and weed lean are all available.

Potsmarts’ Pick > Canna Lean

While some may be triggered by a cannabis product imitating highly addictive products such as promethazine, it’s an easy argument that the desire lean exists. If companies producing cannabis based lean can keep people on pharmaceutical based lean, it’s a win.

Wonderz Cannalean packs 1000 mg in a tiny bottle that you can add as a flavour to your favourite soda or seltzer. It’s an  easy way to customize your intake. Like mentioned, it hits faster, so be careful with liquid weed.


So there you have it, a handful of top picks. The best part about Potsmart is that if you don’t want these options, there’s a massive load of options waiting for you right here to shop through, or simply click on the “Edibles” section at the top of the page.  There is guaranteed something for everyone from newbies to those looking to get absolutely baked off the bakery.  Remember to consume responsibly and definitely don’t drive after eating a huge chocolate bar. Enjoy!


By René Simarde, Cannabis Connoisseur, for Potsmart

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