Vape Carts: All You Need to Know… And Then Some

By now most people know exactly what a disposable vaporizer cartridge looks like and have had some experience puffing from one or seeing folks who are enjoying one in public. If convenience is the goal, there aren’t many better options for vaporizer cartridges. The fact that you can easily connect it to a small pen sized battery and get ripped for hours with far less smell makes them a go-to for stealth smoking. Considering how many people enjoy cannabis today, it makes sense that more subtle ways of enjoying weed has become such a major hit. These are the go-to method to get high for travellers, stoners who need to keep things a bit quiet and those who just like the form factor of ripping from a small pen device.

Nearly all cartridges are “510 threaded”, meaning they fit standard on most vape batteries. Inside the glass vile there is a ceramic heating element that heats up as you take a hit. This vaporizes the content, distillate or C02, although there are live resin carts as well, these little units usually sport between 65% and 99% THC in the form a clear golden honey like liquid. They also come filled with CBD for users who aren’t looking for the buzz, but want the benefits of CBD.

Not all cartridges are equal and that’s reflected in the price. Like I mentioned, Live Resin carts exist and are usually the most expensive options because of the time it takes to extract as well as a lower yield. Distillate and C02 cartridges are generally a bit cheaper, however even amongst those there are cannabis derived terpenes and non-cannabis derived terpenes often added. A terpene is the part of the plant that gives weed its distinctive pungent smell as well as modulating your high, so to speak.

Let’s take a look at a couple vaporizer carts available for mail order in Canada right now…

These Pyro Extracts carts are available with double the content, this vape cartridge is sure to be your favourite. Pyro Extracts takes pride in offering comfortable, modern designs combined with affordable and top-notch extracts. Immerse yourself in the pleasure of Pyro Extracts’ full-ceramic tanks, ensuring a clean experience free from any cotton, heavy metal, or glue residues!

What else is cool is that these are strain specific. You can get Durban Poison, Great White Shark, Romulan, Mimosa, White Rhino, Pineapple Express, Charlotte’s Web CBD, or Love Potion #9 from Pyro. Strain specific terpenes are really fun for weed nerds who don’t want artificial flavours added to the mix.

But not everyone wants to get high. Some may just want a CBD cart that helps with sleep and relaxation. If that’s you, check out the SleeBD Disposable CBD Vapes, expertly crafted with full-spectrum CBD to cater to individual needs. With a range of three distinct types of disposable vape pens to choose from – Relieve, Rest, and Calm – users can now easily target and address their specific requirements. Embrace the convenience and versatility of these disposable CBD vapes for a personalized and soothing experience. These are a great way to help you sleep without the use of pills!

Lastly let’s look at Diamond ConcentratesTheir pen is a little different and comes with two grams in it! There’s even a coupon on the site. With a sleek and durable design, these pens offer smooth and effortless functionality. The draw-activated feature adds convenience to the user experience.

Diamond Concentrate takes pride in staying ahead of the curve by incorporating Live Resin and HTFSE, along with distillate, into their vape pens. The company upholds a higher standard by maintaining strict control over every step of the production process, from seed to sale. Drawing inspiration from Californian extraction artists, they have successfully implemented their knowledge and techniques to consistently produce reliable and high-quality products.

To ensure top-notch quality, Diamond Concentrate subjects all their extracts to thorough lab testing for THC & CBD levels, as well as a meticulous evaluation of aroma, flavour, appearance, and effect. The use of premium source materials and a preference for nug run extraction, combined with premium purging methods, ensures that the final concentrate is pure and boasts high terpene profiles, delivering an unmatched vaping experience to users.

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Whether you’re looking for discretion or lack of smoke during your session, these vape pens will do the trick. With vape pens it’s wise to shop around a bit and try and find something that you really love by trying a few out. Potsmart is a great site to shop pens through because almost everything on the site has a coupon. You have to ask yourself, “Why pay full price.” Every batch is as different as the cannabis that was grown, so if you can find a brand with proper consistency that you love, that’s the ticket. Happy vaping.


By Rico Suave, for Potsmart

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