Chocolate + Weed, Together At Last! Seriously Though, What Could Be Better?

There are few things that go together better than cannabis and chocolate. You may be wondering, why chocolate? Why pick chocolate edibles over gummies, or an oil? Some edibles, like certain gummies and especially tinctures, can have an extremely distinct bitter and herbaceous flavour because the edible itself cannot mask the taste of the cannabis it contains. Chocolate, however, is a wonderful option for use as an edible because the taste of chocolate is powerful enough to mask the taste of the cannabis.

Edibles are a great means of cannabis consumption because they allow the consumer to easily tailor the milligrams of THC about to be consumed. This is great for group sessions where different people may have different tolerances. Edibles are also great for those who really want to know exactly how much THC is being consumed. The mg THC is always on the packaging of any legal edible, leaving less guesswork.

Chocolate edibles are also a great option because cannabis and chocolate chemically complement each other. Chocolate and cannabis can produce similar and complementary effects; chocolate contains a cannabinoid, anandamide, which produces effects very similar to THC. Anandamide also has a very similar chemical structure to THC and binds to the same receptors as THC in the brain. Because of these similarities, combining chocolate and cannabis may enhance the mood-boosting, uplifting effects of both substances. Cannabis tends to elevate the enjoyment of certain flavour profiles, so the consumer will enjoy heightened enjoyment of the chocolate’s taste and texture as well.

When senses like taste and smell are heightened, it’s important to pick chocolate edibles that are both delicious and effective. With so many options on the market, even the pickiest consumer will find something worth trying.

For example, there are few combinations in this life which are better than the perfectly sweet and salty balance of chocolate and peanut butter. Now, imagine taking the joy that is a peanut butter cup and adding the delight that is cannabis. Luckily for all, that dream is reality with MOTA’s Peanut Butter Cup Edible. With 200mg THC per package, this sativa dominant dessert is sure to pack a punch of euphoria. The addition of 20mg CBD per package means that Mota’s Peanut Butter Cup edible is less likely to stick the user with the anxiety that can sometimes come with consuming a sativa strain. Turn to this sweet offering for help with appetite stimulation, pain and inflammation, nausea and relaxation, but be careful – the entire peanut butter cup is not necessarily intended for consumption in one go.

Pro tip: Pop these in the fridge or freezer for a few hours before consumption to enjoy a refreshing treat when it’s hot out.

Perhaps you’re more of a chocolate purist. If that’s the case, Elevtd is the brand for you. The Hybrid Vibe bar comes in packing a heavy punch with 480mg THC within a silky, ruby chocolate bar. Made with specially selected ruby cocoa beans from renowned Belgian chocolatier, Callebaut. Consumers who value natural, simple products will enjoy the Hybrid’s pure ingredient list (only nine ingredients, palm oil free) and consumers who value a genuinely pleasant snacking experience will appreciate the Hybrid’s rich and pure chocolate flavour, which successfully masks that unpleasantly strong cannabis flavour. The Hybrid is made with full spectrum indica dominant THC distillate. Elevtd’s Hybrid Vibe bar is comprised of 16 pieces infused with 30mg each. Given that each piece has a high dosage of THC, this bar is an excellent choice for group sessions, or for those who have accumulated a higher tolerance to THC and have had trouble with the effectiveness of cannabis edibles in the past. Turn to Hybrid bar for a dose of heady relaxation, pain relief, and insomnia support.

Sometimes, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with a cannabis routine. Everyone needs a little novelty in their lives, which is why brand Sweet n Delicious has produced Budtella, a delicious THC-infused chocolate hazelnut spread. Budtella’s uses are almost endless: pour over strawberries, spread it on toast for an extra dose of THC in your morning wake and bake session, use it as the frosting on an especially festive birthday cake, drop a dollop into tea Mrs. Doubtfire style, or just eat it on its own off of your favourite spoon.

Each 4-ounce jar of Budtella Hazelnut Spread contains 400mg THC. There are eight servings per container of Budtella, but due to the somewhat fluid nature of this product, special caution should be used when eating to avoid overconsumption. Whether enjoying with a friend or alone, Budtella is a great option for any consumer who values versatility.

Luxury cannabis brand Opulence is offering consumers a ticket to the Finer Things Club with the SHATTER bar. A 41% cocoa milk chocolate bar with a heavy 500mg dose of indica-dominant THC, the SHATTER bar brings elevation to cannabis consumption. Opulence uses a proprietary blend of full spectrum extracts to combine THC with silky milk chocolate. Each bar contains 24 pieces, with 20mg THC per piece.

Opulent knows that ethical consumption is a powerful statement. Consumers can buy Opulence chocolates confidently, knowing that their money is supporting a product made with sustainably sourced Cocoa Horizons cocoa, from a company committed to improving the livelihoods and protecting the sustainability of the farmers who produce the cocoa Opulence uses.
Any of these products are sure to please any cannabis consumer, novice to old-head. Whether you prefer something sweeter, something more natural, something sustainably sourced or something extremely strong, Potsmart has you covered. You may as well get a jump on exploring.


By Bailey Quarters, Edibles Expert and Guest Contributor for Potsmart

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