THC Pills Delivered to Your Door… Who Could Ask for More?

THC pills, also known as capsules, offer cannabis in a convenient pill form. These capsules can include various cannabis varieties, including extracted oils, decarboxylated flowers, or individual cannabinoids like THC or CBD. Patients can turn to THC pills to address a wide range of medical conditions, mirroring the established applications of cannabis. These pills find common utility in managing pain, reducing inflammation, alleviating insomnia, combating anxiety, and promoting appetite stimulation. They are also great fun recreationally.

THC pills provide a direct and precisely measured means of ingesting cannabis, yielding subtle, enduring effects. This piece delves deeper into THC pills, shedding light on their merits and why you might want to incorporate them as a valuable component in your medical marijuana toolkit.

As much as stoners like to claim that cannabis has no negative effects, doctors will let you know that smoking anything creates carcinogens. For some users, that trade off is not worth it. Edibles will work for some of them as well, but for some edibles just won’t do  the trick.

Some consumers may be watching their sugar intake, making most edibles a no go for them. There’s very few low sugar edible options on the market. Others may be watching their weight. Still some simply do not have the willpower to let a container of edibles stand, and they routinely eat the entire dose purchased and end up violently high on accident. For these types of customers, THC pills are an excellent choice.

Expect that THC pills will typically require between 45 minutes to a couple of hours to kick in. Hence, it’s essential to exercise caution and refrain from taking additional doses within the first two hours of initial consumption. Having the THC pill on an empty stomach might expedite the onset of effects since food intake can potentially delay the onset by about 30 minutes.

Notably, the effects of THC pills are known to endure in the body for a comparable duration as other edible forms, spanning up to approximately five hours or even longer. This extended duration of effects surpasses that of smoking or vaping, offering a more sustained experience. It could be argued that you get more bang for your buck.

Much like edibles, another massive benefit is the lack of smell. For many people, wreaking of weed may not be appropriate in the workplace, and vaporizers may be a bit too obvious. For these types of cannabis lovers, pills are a fabulous answer.

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Hooti Extracts THC Capsules are crafted using Delta-9 THC Distillate, ensuring precise dosing and rigorous lab testing to ensure an efficient and user-friendly experience. Within each capsule, you’ll find a precisely measured 50mg dose of full flower THC distillate, enclosed in top-quality MCT oil.

Hot Box also makes a Great Option Here

Hot Box Tests in a Health Canada approved lab and make all natural CBD and THC capsules formulated with cocoa butter that come in a gelatin cap for easy ingestion. They are a little stronger at 100 mg a dose. These are great for cannabis consumers with a heavier tolerance, maybe not so much for the light weights.

Maybe you’re looking for something a lot lighter like this

These 2.5 mg LYFETHC Immediate-release capsules operate in much the same way as edibles do. They enter the body via the mouth and are subsequently absorbed in the stomach. Once absorbed, the compounds undergo metabolic processing in the liver. This is where THC transforms into a compound known as 11-hydroxy-THC, recognized for its longer-lasting and potentially more sedative effects compared to THC by itself. At 2.5 mg per pill, users can much more easily gauge their dosage.

It’s nice that today there are so many options for dosing in the THC pills market. There are also CBD pills and 50/50 THC CBD pills on the market, but we’ll leave those for another article. Either way, all these options make it easy for consumers to find the best product for their medical needs or purely recreational enjoyment. Any of the options above are made even more tempting by the fact that PotSmart gives you a coupon for an extra 15% off your order. That’s hard to beat.

For those looking to get baked without the smoke or the sugar, THC pills are the way to go. It’s clean, easy, effective and nobody has to know. When you order delivery pills from approved MOMs like PotSmart deals with, you know you’re getting something lab tested and safe to ingest and get super blazed. After all, if the point is a safer cannabis experience, wouldn’t you want to get something that is lab tested?

Check out any of the options above and let us know on insta what you think.


By Bailey Quarters, Cannabis Connoisseur and Guest Contributor for Potsmart

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