Great Edibles for Beginners That Can Be Delivered in Canada!

Everyone has either heard or lived the horror stories of consuming too many milligrams of THC on accident while getting carried away eating edibles. It’s a stereotype at this point that at the very moment anyone says “These edibles ain’t shi…” they hit with a vengeance. Paranoia, anxiety, spins, racing heart and more can be the outcome of too much too fast. Some people throw up. Clearly this is an outcome nobody wants. It’s even worse when you accidentally do it to someone else with a simple cookie. So, how can you avoid that?

Well, unsurprisingly it’s pretty simple. Monitoring your dosing and waiting sufficient time between eating more is the key. For beginners who don’t know their tolerance level this can be difficult. A good amount to start with is 10 milligrams of THC. Wait an hour after ingesting and see how you feel. Proceed with caution with the next dose and wait again.

Many initiates to edibles think the dose isn’t working and keep stacking. Next thing you know, they’ve eaten the entire bag of gummies or chocolates and are blasting off into a very uncomfortable space. Similarly, some folks just don’t know how hard each milligram will hit them and end up downing an entire 100 mg drink for their first experience. (Drinks hit faster) That’s sure not to end well. Make sure when shopping to find products with a low dose per piece. This will be paramount to you successfully enjoying your time baked.
Below we will explore some good options made by a company called Boost, a cannabis brand passionately owned and operated by fellow Canadians who share your deep affection for the herb, and are on a mission to showcase their array of offerings to the nation. Their specialty lies in the creation of meticulously hand-crafted edibles, carefully designed to accompany you through your day. With a commitment to excellence, Boost exclusively infuses each of their creations with the finest distillate extracts, ensuring a pure delight that can be relied upon.

Dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices, they proudly employ organic, non-GMO, and cruelty-free ingredients, epitomizing the kind of integrity we all seek in a cannabis company. This translates to an all-natural, plant-based indulgence, promising both mental and physical well-being—provided you don’t indulge too enthusiastically, of course. Let’s look at some of their products.

1:1 CBD THC Gummies

CBD counteracts some of the psychoactive effects of cannabis, so these one to one ratio CBD/THC gummies with 10 milligrams of each per gummy are a great choice for people looking for a little buzz and a little pain relief. People love CBD and many report it helps with insomnia, pain and inflammation. Also, who doesn’t love Blue Raspberry flavoured candy?

These gummies are a versatile solution, ideal for both medicinal purposes and for achieving the right mindset before tackling new challenges. The company has successfully retained the delectable flavour of their gummies while delivering the full spectrum of benefits from both cannabinoids. These gummies contain Ascorbic Acid, Citric acid, colour, gelatine, glucose syrup, MCT oil, sugar, sunflower lecithin, THC distillate and CBD isolate. The use of distillate and isolate with MCT oil means that the flavour won’t be weedy and the body will uptake the cannabinoids through the fat in the coconut oil.

Green Apple THC Gummies

Boost, a cannabis company hailing from the Great White North, is dedicated to delivering a trifecta of excellence – quality, purity, and potency – through their delectable THC and CBD-infused edibles. Despite their relatively recent introduction to the cannabis scene, Boost is rapidly etching its mark, captivating enthusiasts with a tantalizing product lineup and the use of top-tier ingredients.

Their green apple gummies contain 10 milligrams of THC each. Just enough for the novice to feel, but hopefully not enough to send them to the dark side of the moon.

Variety Pack THC Gummies

Struggling to make up your mind when it comes to selecting your THC-infused gummy flavour? That’s cool bro. Boost has an enticing solution in the form of their THC Variety Pack, You’ll get an assortment of delectable flavours in one convenient package. This delightful assortment includes four of their most sought-after gummies: Sour watermelon, sour green apple, cherry, and strawberry-blue raspberry. In each of these chewy candies, a delightful 10 mg dose of pure THC distillate awaits. The worst part about this pack is that you’ll want to try one of each flavour immediately. I know I would, and without a decent tolerance, you’re blasting off.

Just remember if you ever eat too many edibles, it will all pass and you’ll be fine. Fire up something stupid on Youtube and bliss out until the spins stop. You’re not going to be the first person in history to overdose and die from weed consumption…or are you?


By Meso Potamia, Ganja Guy, for Potsmart

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