Are We Turned On Yet? The Best Cannabis Strains For Sex

These days, more and more people are incorporating the use of cannabis into their sex lives. This is majorly due to the aphrodisiac effect that cannabis has. Despite popular culture associating sex with chocolate and oysters, cannabis, which has now been legalized in Canada, has started to receive more attention than ever. There are very few substances that have as much potency as cannabis whenever it is used for sex. One factor however, is the use of the right one. When the right cannabis strain is used at the right dosage, the ideal sexual display can be achieved with every degree of intensity as imagined. However, marijuana is not meant to help treat things such as impotence and erectile dysfunction. For these types of conditions you would want to buy Viagra or Cialis from reliable sites such as SmartED.

The first evidence that cannabis was ever used in sex can be found in seventh century India where it was reported that it effectively served to prolong sexual intercourse and intensify orgasms. One very rewarding effect of using weed for sexual intercourse is that it helps you stay in the moment. However, when it comes to the use of weed in sex, there are majorly two subspecies of weed and knowledge of these would help you comprehend the type you need that would meet your personal needs best. The type of weed cannabis you take largely points to the kind of high you get and subsequently the type of sensation you get out of it.

These two subspecies are Indica and Sativa. Different kinds of high can be gotten from these two variants majorly due to their terpene and cannabinoid profile. The Indica usually induces a stronger body effect due to its possession of a high concentration of myrcene. This results in a very calming effect and complete relaxation and detachment from the body. A high dose would prove very ineffective for lovemaking because of this calming effect. This variant of cannabis simply induces a kind of mood whereby the user is totally relaxed and in no mood to engage in an activity. It is inadvertently known as the “couch-lock” where the user does not feel any urge to move from the couch.

Sativa strains on the other hand possess cannabinoids and terpenes that usually induce a much more mind-driven high that leaves users very energetic. This variant gives user a stronger desire to engage in sexual intercourse while boosting their stamina to ensure that they last very long. There is one cannabinoid which is linked to sex and that is the THC. It boosts the secretion of dopamine in the brain which is the same thing that sex does. This is the reason that combination of THC and sex forms a potent mixture capable of inducing dopamine secretion in the body which leaves the body craving for more sex. There are usually various strains that can be used for sexual intercourse and some of the best include:

1. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel has a light green colour with pistils ranging from yellow to bright orange. This particular cannabis strain is mainly used by artistes and creative individuals. It serves as a major source of great inspiration to those having an issue with free flow of ideas or thoughts. The sensation that comes with using this particular strain is practically out of this world. This lively strain gives super stress-free vibes that help to shed various inhibitions. It has a very pungent smell that is characteristic of its name; it also has a pinch of citrusy aroma that comes with it. Basically, it boosts energy level and totally makes the sex a mind-blowing one due to the amount of energy and sensations it stimulates in the human body. The feeling of insatiability that this strain induces makes it the perfect lust generator.


2. Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a sativa-dominant hybrid with about 55% concentration. This particular strain acts very fast and comes with a head rush that transitions into a tingling that continues along the length of the body. This strain provides a relaxation effect while at the same time sharpening the mental capacity and keeping the mind active and creative. Visual appearances are enhanced so that any foreplay is bound to be a bomb especially when it involves exchange of whispered conversations that heighten desire. The flower usually has a floral scent with some hint of citrus. However, when it is burned, it gives off a spicy scent like potpourri and gets herbal. The taste is also somewhat synonymous to that of sage and pepper too.


3. Strawberry Cough

The Strawberry Cough cannabis strain derives its name from the strawberry aroma that it possesses. Unlike the names of other strains of cannabis that basically have no relevance to the effect of the effect of the bud, this particular strain actually tastes and smells like sweet berries. This intense aroma usually causes even the strongest and most experienced users to fall under the spell very quickly. The effect usually hits very fast after use and sharpens the find while improving focus. Most users usually prefer using it when they want to engage in intense conversations or study complicated stuff. However, when it is to be used for sexual purposes, it is better used in a situation that involves a measure of power play or sexual chess. This is because this particular strain enhances cerebral thinking and sharpens the mind.


4. Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple usually has a very intense effect on users. It gives a strong cerebral excitement while loosening up users physically at the same time. It is a very potent Indica and has a THC percentage of about 17-23%.  Overdosing while smoking could induce the couch-glued effect; that is a characteristic of over usage of Indica. This couch-glued effect simply refers to the user not wanting to engage in any activity aside just sitting and staring into space. If appropriately used however, this strain is a very potent one that is pretty aggressive and is bound to turn the user into a beast thus ensuring a session of maximum pleasure. It also has a very pleasant smell of grapes which could be enough to get some people in the mood.


5. Girl Scout Cookies

The Girl Scout Cookies is described as an indica-dominant hybrid that has very strong sativa tendencies. The ratio of indica to sativa present in the Girl Scout Cookies is 60:40. The Tetrahydrocabinnol (THC) levels of this particular strain can also go up to an incredible 28%. One perk of using this strain is the fact that the sensation to be gotten from it is a mix of the sensations that sativa and indica produce. It combines the best effects of these two variants while including the side effects too unfortunately. Overusage can lead to couch-lock and it also induces dry mouths in users. Dry mouth can however be counteracted by having beverages and fluids around while couch-lock can be solved by taking the appropriate amount necessary for maximal pleasure.


6. Trainwreck

The Trainwreck cannabis strain crossed Thai, Mexican, and Afghani parent strains, producing a Sativa-dominant hybrid with 12%-21% THC levels. It has a breakdown of 65% Sativa to 35% Indica and – as the name would suggest – produces a high that hits the user like a freight train. In addition, the Trainwreck weed strain has a sweet fragrance of pine and cedar, a mouthwatering flavour of fresh pines, and a lemony aftertaste.

The Trainwreck marijuana strain is Known widely for its medicinal properties and is used to treat various health issues and stress disorders. Due to its relaxation effects, Trainwreck helps manage muscle spasms that may not respond to other medications. It is also an effective treatment for anxiety, PTSD, depression or chronic stress. The plant is also a potent analgesic that may help treat chronic pain or counter the adverse side effects of cancer treatment. It can also help get the juices flowing and is an excellent strain of cannabis for sex.


7. Tom Ford

Another top weed strain for sex is the Tom Ford strain. The high-fashion Tom Ford cannabis strain is sometimes known as the Tom Ford Pink Kush and is a rare breed achieved by crossing the Death Bubba and Pink Kush strains. It can reach THC levels ranging from 23% to 25% and has a gorgeous visual appearance. The Tom Ford weed strain has small, rounded forest-green buds with pinkish-purple undertones and features pink-orange hairs. Its sheer beauty and citrus and honey aroma make for a true feast for the senses and an ideal kick back after a stressful day.

The Tom Ford marijuana strain’s high THC levels make it ideal for recreational and medical uses. The strain effectively reduces pain, induces appetite, and brings feelings of deep relaxation. That makes it practical to treat stress disorders, depression, chronic fatigue, and anxiety. Tom Ford can also help treat headaches, inflammation and chronic pain. It is even said to be among the best cannabis strains for sex.



Other strains that can effectively be used to stimulate an amazing sexual encounter include:

  • Train Wreck
  • Purple Princess
  • Atomic Northern Lights
  • Kall Dog etc.

One key factor that should always be taken into consideration is one of abuse. Users should never overdose or take more than is required to have the mind-blowing sexual experience they want. Also, making use of the best strain that works for you is advised.

Since various strains have various scents and effects, understanding the type of strain that is most compatible with you is a wise choice.

These cannabis strains mentioned above are the ones you should definitely go for in order to get that mind-blowing sex underway.


By Bailey Quarters, Edibles Expert and Guest Contributor for Potsmart

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