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CBD oil has a wide variety of benefits, but it can be a bit of a challenge to dose accurately every single time. We aim to “stock our shelves” with CBD gel capsules (and other CBD products) that promote consistent and reliable dosages.


Potsmart presents a wide variety of CBD oil capsules that will indeed show you the power of the cannabis plant. Ahhh… CBD and THC working together, in harmony. So many of the CBD capsules produced and sold in Canada contain both cannabinoids. Potsmart carries CBD capsules that contain primarily THC or CBD, as well as 1:1 capsules for a healthy balance.


Some cannabis gel capsules are formulated to help you relax and in some cases, sleep. They contain melatonin and will help you enjoy a deep, restorative sleep. Cannabis sativa capsules will energize you instead and can be taken in the morning. These cannabis sativa seed oil capsules will give you just the boost you need to take on the day with a smile!


Browse and compare our selection of cannabis gel capsules to find the best CBD capsules in Canada for you!

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