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Hash concentrate, sometimes called hashish, is made from trichomes, the tiny resin glands on the cannabis plant. They’re removed and concentrated to form a solid resembling a dark green or brown brick. Trichomes are one of the strongest parts of the cannabis plant, which makes concentrated hash incredibly strong. 


So what can you do with bubble hash concentrate? We recommend smoking it on its own, adding it to a bowl or joint filled with cannabis flower, or dabbing it. Hash adds a punch to any smoking session!


Potsmart carries a wide variety of hash concentrates. They are derived from individual strains, and we’re careful to select only the best concentrated hash strains in Canada.


Some of the top hash strains include: Bruce Banner, Sunset Sherbet, Larry Bird, Tesla and Pink Anxiety.


Want to dip your toes in and try cannabis hash? We probably have hash made from one of your favourite strains in stock right now! Have a browse below…

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