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Want to mellow out, calm down, or fall asleep quickly? An indica concentrate will do the trick!


Cannabis concentrates are stronger than cannabis flower, allowing you to get higher on less product. They come in many forms, including live resin, budder, shatter, distillate, hash, tinctures, kief, and trim. 


Indica cannabis strains make users feel relaxed, calm, blissed out, and free from pain. They’re generally best used in the evenings. Indica concentrates are often the best fit for medical patients.


Many indica cannabis concentrates are strain-specific, so you can find your favourite flower variety in its levelled-up form. You can click on each product for a comprehensive rundown of the properties of its strain and how to use it.


Indica concentrates can be your best friend if you want to relax or sleep. Order your first cannabis concentrate and try it out today!

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