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We love the possibilities of live resin / rosin, and we think you will, too!


Live resin / rosin is a cannabis concentrate that will get you higher than smoking cannabis alone. It has an interesting texture, somewhere between a wax and a sauce. It’s extremely sticky and very potent. 


It’s different from other cannabis concentrates in Canada because it’s created with cannabis that’s been frozen immediately after being harvested. Drying cannabis diminishes the effect of terpenes and trichomes, so live resin retains these traits.


You’ll experience the original flavour and smell of the cannabis plant in your live resin / rosin, as it hasn’t been through the curing and drying process. It’s a great way to enjoy weed in its purest form.


Most people consume live resin / rosin using dab rigs, which involves heating the concentrate to extreme temperatures using a blow torch. It can be a little tricky to master, but the results can be, well, remarkable. You can also vape live resin / rosin or add it to a bowl or joint for an extra kick.


Want to try live resin / rosin? We carry only high-quality, strain-specific products to jumpstart your journey into the world of cannabis concentrates!

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