Potsmart stocks only the best cannabis sativa edibles and CBD edibles. We make it easy to buy cannabis edibles online, no matter where you live in Canada.


Edibles are an easy way to consume cannabis and other substances. There’s no in halation of smoke or vapour, and you don’t need any special equipment to get high. You can use them discreetly without anyone knowing you’ve consumed cannabis, even in a very public place. Plus, they taste great!


We carry many different types of edibles, including: Cannabis gummies, CBD gummies, Magic mushroom gummies, Hard candy, Beverages, Tea, Edible cannabis chocolate, Cookies, Brownies, CapsulesAnd more!


Many edibles are stronger and have different effects than smoking cannabis flower. Plus, we carry CBD and mushroom edible products as well. If you’ve never tried these edibles, Potsmart makes it easy to buy CBD edibles online.


Browse our selection of hundreds of cannabis, magic mushroom, and CBD edibles in Canada and buy edible cannabis online today!

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Euphoria Extractions Shatter Bombs

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