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Cannabis beverages offer a unique way to get high. All of your friends will want a sip!


We present a variety of cannabis infused beverages, including CBD coffee, tea, syrups, energy drinks, and kratom shots. You’ll always find a flavour to suit your taste.


Start your morning with cannabis or CBD coffee. We carry ground or whole bean CBD coffee that you can brew using a regular coffee maker, so it’s easy to make the switch. Potsmart presents a variety of the best CBD infused coffee that will please even the most avid coffee enthusiasts.


One of our favourite products is medicated green tea. It contains added CBD that will make it easy for you to fall asleep after a hard day. We carry other types of CBD tea too, including Lemon Sencha, Egyptian Chamomile, Moroccan Mint, and many more.


Learn more about our CBD and cannabis beverages in Canada and add one to your cart. You’ll be surprised by how totally refreshing they are!

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