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Smoking is the classic method for consuming the cannabis plant, and it remains the most popular option to this day. We guarantee that you will find the best weed in Canada at Potsmart.


We truly enjoy directing our customers to new cannabis strains. We work with only the most reputable dispensaries online and carry only the best cannabis flower and strains in Canada.


Some of our favourite sativa strains include: Grape StomperCrystal ComaChieselGreen Crack and Black Diamond.


We also love indica strains, including: Pink RockstarRomulanCritical BilboGalactic Runtz and of course, Birthday Cake.


We carry so many of the best cannabis strains at Potsmart. If you’re not sure what to choose, then pick out a few that stand out to you and experiment a little!


Browse our extensive catalogue and buy cannabis flower online in Canada today!

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Christmas Flower 28g Combo (8 strains)

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Gryffindor House – Flowers Bundle Pack

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