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Consuming magic mushrooms can be a little unpleasant. Dried mushrooms taste bitter, and teas can be very strong. If you’re looking for the easiest and tastiest way to ingest psilocybin mushrooms, edibles are your best bet.


Gummies are a classic way to consume cannabis, and their popularity has spread to the world of edible wild mushrooms. You can get magic mushroom gummies in an extensive variety of flavours, including strawberry lemonade margarita, orange, very berry sour, blueberry, and many more.


Potsmart also stocks magic mushroom chocolate bars, peanut butter cups and cookies


Pay attention to the dosage on edible mushroom products. Some are very strong, and beginners should only eat a small amount. This of course means that mushroom edibles can be used on multiple occasions by one person, or to get a whole group of friends tripping together.


These treats are made from edible mushrooms in Alberta, edible mushrooms in BC, and edible mushrooms in Ontario. We choose only the best psilocybin products for Canadian “consumers”. 😉

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