Astro Edibles – 500mg THC Space Syrup


The astronauts return with a whole new species of consumables they discovered while gliding over the outer atmosphere of Pluto – Space Syrups! This THC infused syrup takes your mind and tastebuds on an intergalactic voyage.

For a full drink (300mL), it is recommended you use *AT LEAST 40mL* of syrup (125mg THC total). Shake or stir vigorously until dissolved.

Our space-age bottles allow you to use the scientific method! Measure 5mL at a time using the dosing chamber – remove the cap and squeeze the bottle gently. Each 5mL of syrup contains 25mg of THC.

Refrigerate after mixing with any other liquids. Consume mixed drinks within 7 days.


This bottle contains a potentially harmful amount of THC, left in the reach of children. Start low , go slow.