B+ (Psilocybe cubensis) – Shrooms


B+ magic mushrooms are one of the most popular and well known Psilocybe cubensis in the modern times. It is a popular strain for first-time trippers and beginner mycologists. The B+ magic mushrooms is the best-selling strain since the 90’s. B+ is different than most regular Cubensis strains, as it is rumoured to be related to, or a hybrid of the rare and extremely powerful Psilocybe Azurescens. A favourite among mycologists, this variant of psychedelic mushrooms is known for its’ richness and well-balanced high.

These are a great strain for beginners, and those looking to enjoy a psychedelic experience for the first time. Containing both psilocybin and psilocin, these mushrooms provide users with a moderate experience with mild visual trips and a positive trip. As a beginner mushroom, Psilocybe Cubensis B+ is known for having a lighter trip that is more tolerable and relaxed at regular doses. This strain is known to give one of the warmest visual and spiritual trips. It is an all-around and versatile mushroom. Recommended for beginners and experience psychonauts alike.

General Dosage Guide:
Microdose – 0.1g – 0.3g
Beginner – 0.3g – 1g
Average – 1g – 2.5g
Experienced – 2.5g – 3.5g+
Effects begin between 10 to 40 minutes after ingestion and can last between 3 and 6 hours, depending on the dose and the individual. Like all tryptamines, psilocybes often cause what has been called “the mushroom yawns” which increase markedly as one begins to peak, however, the feeling in the rest of the body is energetic, not tired. Users can expect a wide variety of possible effects and sensations, from the mystical, euphoric and revelatory to the hyperspatial and mind-altering observational. At doses over 3 grams, some users report experiencing warping of the visual field, and Dali-esque melting objects, and other possible effects include time distortion, hallucinations both when eyes are closed or open, and synesthesia (i.e. “seeing” sounds and “feeling” colours). Remember to stay hydrated, especially if you’re outdoors or doing activities like dancing, and try sipping some honey ginger tea to counteract any possible nausea during the come-up. Do not use if pregnant and do not mix with other drugs or alcohol.

Potent shrooms for your enjoyment

In current times, magic mushrooms, such as B+ are one of the most popular and well-known Psilocybe cubensis. It’s a favourite strain among novice mycologists and first-time trippers. Since the 1990s, the B+ magic mushroom strain has been the most popular. Discover a premium selection of shrooms at Speed Greens today.

Ideal shrooms for beginners and advanced users

Due to its mild and positive visual trips, it is best for beginners

A new study backs up suggestions that the hallucinogenic mushrooms drug, when used in conjunction with psychotherapy, can effectively treat depression and anxiety even years after use. These are excellent shrooms for novices and those seeking their first psychedelic experience. These mushrooms drug, which contains both psilocybin and psilocin, give consumers a moderate experience that includes modest visual excursions and a happy trip. At regular dosages, Psilocybe Cubensis B+ is noted for producing a lighter trip that is more bearable and relaxing.

In Canada and worldwide, there are currently no licensed medicinal products containing psilocybin. Psilocybin is being studied for its potential to treat a variety of mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and problematic substance use.

Shrooms offers warm and visual experiences for all

An all-around and versatile mushroom drug known for its light and tolerable trips

People may experience heightened emotions and senses as a result of using magic mushrooms, whether eating dried mushrooms, capsules, or edibles, they may feel an entire range of emotions. From cheerful to creative, they may grin or chuckle frequently and feel mentally and emotionally clear. Shrooms can produce one of the most euphoric visual and spiritual experiences. It is a multipurpose and all-purpose mushroom. This could potentially help with depression and anxiety sufferers.

A shrooms experience with a unique Cubensis strain

A hybrid of the powerful Psilocybe Azurescens and is known for its balanced high

Indigenous civilizations have long used shrooms in their rituals to generate heightened states of consciousness and ecstatic experiences, and they have formed social laws that govern their use. Modern culture, on the other hand, encourages unrestricted and unguided use, which can be hazardous for people who are psychologically vulnerable. B+ is unique among Cubensis strains in that it is said to be connected to, or a hybrid of, the uncommon and very strong Psilocybe Azurescens. This kind of mushrooms drug is well-known among mycologists for its richness and well-balanced high. Growers favor the B+ strain because it is simple to work with, embracing a broad variety of growing conditions and substrates while generating enormous, thick heads.