Doobie Snacks Sour Cherries


Imagine a refreshing batch of cherries on a hot, summer’s day – mmm, mmm, good! Doobie Snacks has concentrated the sweet and crisp flavours of cherries and combined them with pure THC into a bite-sized gummy that pack a punch. Perfect for those looking for a smoke-free alternative for cannabis consumption, these convenient infused candies are great options for both therapeutic and recreational users looking for a discrete way to medicate. Say good bye to bitter tasting edibles and terrible, inaccurate doses – Doobie Snacks Sour Cherries are made with real fruit juice and activated cannabis infused coconut oil, which allows for maximum bioavailability and efficient cannabinoid absorption. Every package of Sour Cherries contains a whopping 200mg of THC and can be easily portioned. Doobie Snacks line of signature cannabis infused candies will have you reminiscing on your childhood with flavours such as their Wild Watermelons and Blue Raspberries.

CONTENTS: 4x Sour Cherries
DOSAGE: Each gummy contains 50mg of THC. Start with 1 piece and allow up to 90 minutes for full effects to kick in.
EFFECTS: Happy, Relaxed, Euphoric, Hungry, Uplifted & Giggly
MEDICAL EFFECTS: Stress, Depression, Pain, Inflammation, Insomnia & Lack of Appetite