Faded Cannabis Co. Mango Meteorite Astronauts


Blast off into space with Faded Cannabis Co.’s new lineup of mega dosed edibles! Their signature line of Astronaut gummies are a new, hard-hitting edition to their huge catalog. Unlike their 180mg or even 240mg gummies, these Astronauts are mega dosed, packing a whopping 480mg of THC per package! Faded Cannabis Co. Blackberry Starburst Astronauts are delicious, and handmade with all-natural fruit flavours before being coated in a tangy, sour sugar for an extra little zing. Why settle for less, when you can reach for the stars?

CONTENTS: 8x Mango Meteorite Astronauts
DOSAGE: Each piece contains 60mg of THC. Start with 1/2 of an Astro and allow 60-90 minutes for full effects to kick in.
EFFECTS: Happy, Relaxed, Hungry, Sleepy, Giggly & Sociable
HELPS WITH: Stress, Depression, Pain, Inflammation, Lack of Appetite & Insomnia
THC CONTENT: 480mg (Mega Dosed)