Frank’n Stein Edibles – Bubble Gum Bottles (500mg THC)


These delicious gummies pack a flavourful punch – and then some. All the nostalgic flavors with a playful twist – whether you want your dose of CBD or a good time with THC. – Frank’n’Stein’s got you covered.

20 Candies per pack, 25mg THC per piece. Total 500mg THC.

Made with Premium Distillate.



One of the best edibles if you want to medicate

These edibles are a new take on all the traditional candies and gummies we grew up with. Enjoy the nostalgic bubble gum flavour we all miss but with a potent dose of THC that compares to the best edibles on the market. If you want to buy edibles online, it’s never been easier! Shop now!

Some of the best edibles you can use for pain relief

Nostalgic bubble gum flavour that will give you relief from pain and anxiety

Are you tired of always feeling pain in your body? Does it affect your mood? You need the best edibles to help you out! Try these Frank’n Stein Bubble Gum Bottle Gummies that are infused with premium THC distillates. THC distillates are famous for their purity and potency. Meaning, every gummy is proven to be effective in relieving any pain, anxiety, muscle spasms. It even helps deal with insomnia and low appetite. You’ll find that the best edibles offer a wide range of benefits. Frank’n Stein is no exception!

After a tiring day at work or in school, eat a piece of this edible cannabis bubble gum, sit back, and relax. It will surely help you release all the stress and tension you felt all day.

The best edibles are infused with a high concentration of THC distillates

A convenient, discreet, and healthier way to medicate to help with health problems

Medicating using cannabis doesn’t always require you to smoke marijuana. There are many alternative ways to enjoy the relaxing and helpful effects of cannabis, like consuming edibles. Consuming Frank’n Stein Bubble Gum Gummies lets you relieve all the pain you feel and tone down the anxiety you are feeling, helping you have a better sleep at night. In essence, the best edibles are those you can enjoy discreetly while getting all the benefits of cannabis!

Each Frank’n Stein gummy is infused with premium-grade THC distillates known for their purity and potency. Just by eating a piece of this tasty gummy, you will feel the effects. No need to light up a bong, joint, and pipe! All you need is to pop these gummies in your mouth. It is also perfect for people with respiratory problems who want to enjoy the effects of cannabis. Candy edibles are a sweet treat that’s hard to resist!

Find out what makes Frank’n Stein one of the best edibles around!

Each pack of these cannabis edibles contains 500mg THC. Tasty and no aftertaste

Each pack of Frank’n Stein Bubble Gum Gummies contains a total of 500mg THC with 20 pieces of candies, 25mg THC per piece. They are very potent and you can be very intoxicated if you consume too much.

Remember, THC edibles will need time before the effects kick in. It sometimes takes an hour up to 4 hours, depending on your body’s metabolism and how it reacts to edibles. For beginners, make sure to try one first and wait for at least an hour up to 3 hours. You will need to be patient and wait before the effects start showing. Be careful in consuming these Frank’n Stein Gummies, they can be very intoxicating if you eat too much, too fast. If you’re looking to buy edibles online, you’ve come to the right place!