Galaxy Extracts – Tiger Milk Live Weed Resin


Tigers Milk is an excellent creation of Bodhi Seeds. It is an Indica dominant marijuana strain that has popular ancestors, including Appalachia and Bubba Kush. The plant has a good yield and produces big leaves that are green in colour with a hue of rust. It is an indoor plant that is mainly harvested during October and has a flowering period of nine weeks. It has quite a high THC level and has strong cerebral effects. It has a very strange flavour and aroma that is a mixture of butter, citrus and strong chemicals. You do feel a bit strange on smoking Tigers Milk, but soon its strong effects take over your body and make you forget the weird aroma and taste. At times, you can feel a hint of honey and earthy flavours in its taste as well. Tigers Milk is excellent for treating various kinds of pains, and is especially effective on arthritis pains and backaches. Within minutes of using it, you will experience a huge improvement in your pains. In addition to that, it is efficient in treating insomnia as well. It makes you feel drowsy after a few minutes and soon puts you to sleep. Therefore, it is great for curing insomnia.

Galaxy Extracts ™ is proud to bring you the highest quality, most flavourful premium concentrates on Earth. Get ready to blast off into outer space.To create our Galaxy Live Resin, we use small batches of single-origin genetics. Like all Galaxy Extract products, these are grown naturally right here in Beautiful British Columbia without the use of any harmful pesticides. While Live Resin is similar to wax or shatter, the robust terpene profile gives it a much more flavourful, authentic marijuana experience.

To guarantee the quality of the terpene profile, we use fresh, whole cannabis plants instead of dried or decarboxylated plant material. That’s why our Galaxy Resin is “Live”. Using live plants produces an end product with richer aromas, exceptional flavours, and the specific high you expect from your favourite marijuana strains.

You won’t find an extract that so perfectly captures the taste, smell, and feel of your favourite Galaxy Extract strains. Our Live Resin is available in sativa, indica, and hybrid varieties, so we have the right Resin for your specific needs and preferences.


EFFECTS: Happy, Uplifting, Body High
HELPS WITH: Chronic Pain, Headaches, Migraines, Nausea, Nerve Damage



Try out the fantastic tastes of this weed resin

Are you looking for a powerful dose of THC into your system? Live resin might just be for you. Galaxy Extracts is proud to offer high-quality weed resin. Tiger Milk is a terrific indica strain if you’re chasing that mellow body high. For the best live resin selection, you’ve come to the right place!



This weed resin does wonders for your body

Experience the calming effects live resin can do on your body

If you’re looking for a fresh new start, weed resin might be just what you need. The powerful cannabinoid content of these concentrates gives it the benefits you’re chasing! Because of its medicinal properties, it helps with a variety of conditions. Use it for physical issues such as chronic pain, headaches and migraines, nausea, and nerve damage. The uplifting sensations will help with anxiety and depression. Use it if you’re having trouble sleeping at night or have appetite issues.


Effects / Features

Weed resin will leave your mind wandering around

Get a burst of feel-good emotions and feelings that you can’t seem to control

Tiger Milk is a potent indica dominant strain if you ever need to wind down for the night. The smoke has a wide variety of reactions that might be strange, though the high comes fast and strong. It has a strong cerebral effect that leaves your mind wandering. As it settles, you’ll get a body high that leaves you searching for a comfortable place to lay down. Make sure you have something to snack on since the munchies are sure to hit! Other than the high, the uplifting feelings will leave you happy throughout your experience with the best live resin.



Buy this weed resin for its strong terpene profile

Galaxy Extracts uses unique processes to keep you and the cannabinoid content high!

Galaxy Extracts uses fresh, whole cannabis plants instead of dried or decarboxylated plant material. When you use live plants, you get a product with more intense scents, tastes, and the high you anticipate from your favourite strains. Tiger Milk is a beautiful indica dominant hybrid strain that crosses Appalachia and Bubba Kush. It has a sweet and creamy flavour and aroma that might initially seem awkward. The more you continue to smoke, the more you’ll enjoy it. We have what you need here at Speed Greens. Look through our inventory of the best live resin and cannabis the market has to offer!