Gascotti Moonrocks


Moonrocks have arrived. Shatter moonrocks are made with with premium cannabis bud, covered in liquified shatter and dipped in pure THC. Our buds are squished and redipped in THC, repressed once again. Finally, each bud is left to solidify and placed in it’s new home, awaiting your pipe, bong, rolling papers, or however you choose to dive in.

Total weight ranges:

  • 1.0g – 1.4g / jar



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What is moonrock?

Moonrock is a cannabis bud dipped in extract and coated in THC.  The extract or concentrate seems into each and every crack in the bud, solidifying into a harder than average ball of high THC extract and cannabis.  Weed moon rock products are strong, and best smoked in a vaporizer or a bowl like a bong or a pipe. Buy moonrocks online in Canada at Supherbs. HOTBOX Moonrocks are made with Canada’s highest quality cannabis buds and extract products.