Heavy Hitter – Watermelon (1250mg THC)


Pure. Potent. Perfect.

Each Gummies are infused with Heavy Hitter’s Ultra cannabis oil.

Crafted with delicious real fruit flavours and perfect texture to make your mouth water. These 1250mg gummies are meant for experienced users.

Available in Black Cherry, Watermelon and Passion Fruit

WARNING: Not for beginners. High potency THC Content. Use caution to ensure correct dosage is consumed.



Experience these mouth-watering edible gummies

The hefty THC content will send you on a journey you won’t forget. Let your body float in a sea of sensations. Heavy Hitter cannabis-infused gummies are a sweet treat. It comes in a delicious watermelon flavour as well. 

Let your body benefit from these edible gummies

Help ease your most stubborn aches and pains with its medicinal properties!

If you’re looking for quick relief when you need it most, Heavy Hitter is what you need. Whether you’re just starting your day or winding down after a long, stressful time, these edible gummies are there for you! The heavy dose of THC helps treat a wide variety of problems. It can help ease physical issues such as cramps, headaches, nausea, inflammation, and nerve damage. You might find that it also helps if you haven’t been eating regularly. You can also find relief from mental conditions like ADD/ADHD, anxiety, chronic stress, and depression. Its calming effects are just what you need when you’re burnt out. Edibles are a discrete way to get THC into your body!

Getting high was never this easy with these edible gummies

Heavy Hitter will sock you with incredible and powerful sensations that will last!

Take a look at what these edible gummies have to offer. The incredibly high THC concentration will give your body a sea of feel good sensations. You will feel a wave of relaxation enveloping your body. Start winding down as your cares start to disappear. Find somewhere comfortable to lay down on and make sure you have snacks at the ready. Let your body soak up all the amazing effects!

Find out if Heavy Hitter edible gummies are for you!

Fulfill your cannabis cravings with these potent edibles; get to know them!

These weed edibles are crafted with a delicious mixture of flavours and textures. These edible gummies contain organic sugar and tapioca syrup mixed with Heavy Hitter’s Ultra cannabis oil. You know you’re getting natural flavours as these gummies are to die for! They help you fulfill your weed cravings with their insanely high THC content. 1250mg THC is enough to distribute in a group setting or satisfy yourself for quite some time! Although delicious, these high-dose edible gummies aren’t for everyone. If you’re a first-time user, you should avoid them. Find more THC gummies in our selection.