Chocolope Kush

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What happens when you cross two award winning strains? You get Chocolope Kush! This strain was originally created by DNA Genetics by crossing the Chocolope with Kosher Kush. It has an insanely delicious terpene profile, offering a flavourful blend of nutty chocolate, sweet vanilla and coffee!



Perfect for any dessert lover and an excellent pairing for your post meal dessert or cup of coffee! It is an indica hybrid that offers a potent THC concentrate that reaches upwards of 20% and also 1% CBD. The high with this strain is described as heavily cerebral before oozing over to a strong bodily relaxation. Ideal for the weekend or for winding down in the evening, there are few strains that can embody indica perfection as much as the tasty Chocolope Kush!


It’s hard to say whether the high or the flavours of Chocolope Kush are better as they are both so amazing! This strain is considered a mood booster and starts off with more sativa like effects. A euphoric uplift, focused energy, creativity and motivation will spark a cerebral high for a while before progressing to a more indica body high. A buzz will envelop your body and eventually progress into a heavenly relaxation! With stronger doses, this could easily transition to sedation and sleepiness. This makes it perfect for insomnia and pain relief! Munchies is a common effect amongst users of Chocolope Kush as well, so you can expect to be craving just about anything! This strain is helpful in soothing anxiety, depression and stress, and alleviating symptoms of ADHD/ADD, PTSD and mood swings. While it can start off upbeat and full of energy to help you tackle some creative or brainstorming tasks, it would be wise to use during the evenings or weekends due to its relaxing comedown that can put you to sleep!

THC Content

Chocolope Kush has a THC concentration that averages from 17% to 20%. It also has around 1% CBD! An indica hybrid, it has 80% indica dominance balanced by a lesser 20% sativa. It is also sometimes referred to as Chocolate Kush, though the “Chocolope” more accurately describes its parental lineage with Chocolope being one of its parents. The Chocolope holds numerous High Times Cannabis Cup and High Life Cup awards, including Strain of the Year in 2007! Its other parent is the Kosher Kush, a pure indica that also holds multiple award titles, most notably High Times Best Indica in 2010 and again in 2011! It is rather potent with a THC concentration of 22% to 25%. The Chocolope, on the other hand, is a near pure sativa with 95% dominance and THC levels ranging from 18% to 21% potency. 

Appearance & Aroma

Chocolope Kush buds are tightly packed and super dense. They take on the shape of an elongated pinecone with tipped ends. In colour, it is a medium olive toned green with golden orange pistils. Some batches will also carry deep purple undertones. It is resinous and thus tend to be sticky, and its crystal trichomes are tiny but plentiful. It has a truly scrumptious and unique terpene profile with dominant notes of chocolate and coffee, complemented by earthiness, spice and pungent skunkiness. It tastes similar to how it smells, except there are additional notes of sweet vanilla and a nuttiness that nicely emphasize the chocolate and coffee flavours!