Donkey Butter by Exotic Genetix


The name might be weird and has no relation to dairy or animals of any kind – but this indica powerhouse is no joke. The dank, fuel-forward terpene profile of Donkey Butter can be considered an acquired taste, but will be sure to rock the socks off any gas or diesel lovers.



It’s true that adding butter makes everything taste better, though this is not some sort of new age dairy product! Donkey Butter is a rare indica dominant hybrid created by professional breeders at Exotic Genetix, who have also brought you strains like Extreme OG, Cookies and Cream, Lemon Meringue and more! This particular strain was created by crossing one of their in house creations, Grease Monkey, with Triple OG, coming together to create this super pungent, euphoria inducing bud! Its flavours are strongly skunky and spicy, so will perhaps cater towards those who enjoy dank strains, though its well rounded deep and peaceful indica high will be loved by recreational and medical users alike!


The Donkey Butter high is one that creeps up on you rather slowly. The first noticeable effects after a few minutes of smoking (and coughing on its heavy smoke), users will experience flushed cheeks and a tingly cerebral, head focused high. Thoughts will become freely associative as they jump from one idea to another. Some users report it being psychedelic, and for the most part it is widely experienced to be uplifting and euphoric. A little later into the high, as it further progresses, users will slowly feel a deep and peaceful body high settle in, which can be quite heavy and couch locking. These relaxing effects might hinder the earlier mental stimulation as you move further towards a sleepy sedative state. These slow creeping effects make Donkey Butter suited for in home usage, and best recommended for late afternoons or evenings, despite its initial stimulative effects. Its relaxing, sedative nature makes the strain effective for relieving symptoms of insomnia and physical pains whether temporary or chronic, while its upbeat uplifting effects further make it useful for alleviating symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD. It often induces the munchies, so is also an ideal choice for those dealing with loss of appetite; you might want to have some snacks ready before you’re feeling too heavy to get up and about! An additional effect that is often reported with this strain is a feeling of arousal, so it can act as an aphrodisiac as well and can be shared with a partner–if you’re not feeling too sedated, that is!

THC Content

Donkey Butter by Exotic Genetix is an indica dominant hybrid strain with 70% indica dominance to 30% sativa. Like many of Exotic Genetix’s other creations, it is rather potent in THC with an above average count at 27% potency, as well as 1% CBD. Its parent, Greasy Monkey, is also an indica dominant hybrid with the same 70% to 30% indica/sativa ratio. Its THC content is also impressive, averaging between a staggering 25% to 27% along with 1% CBD. Its other parent, Triple OG sometimes also referred to as Triple Kush, is yet another indica leaning hybrid. It has a stronger indica dominance with a ratio of 80% to 20% sativa, and its THC levels vary between 20% to a whopping 30% potency!

Appearance & Aroma

The flowers of Donkey Butter are medium to large in size, and are solid to the touch as they are densely packed. They have a conical shape, and are a deep forest green in colour with large patches of deep purple hues. Its orange pistils are wiry and give it an extra pop of colour, and the buds are finished off with a frosty, snow-like coating of crystal trichomes. In terms of aromas, this is not the most discreet strain. Its strongly pungent with overtones of diesel and skunkiness, which are complemented by just as strong notes of spices and woody earthiness, a combination of which some note is reminiscent of rotting pine. When smoking, its flavour profile is no different. The mixture of diesel, spices and pine can be quite harsh, with smoke that might bring you to tears!