Keyy/Bob – Pen Starter Kit


Want to purchase a Keyy/Bob Pen and set yourself up for the foreseeable future? Our Keyy/Bob Pen Starter Kit is just what you need!

Each Starter Kit includes one battery, and one charger, as well as TWO cartridges of your choice!

Bob cartridges contain .6g of distillate in a .5ml cartridge

Each cartridge contains roughly 72% THC


These vape pens do NOT contain Vitamin E Acetate.


Prime your cartridge! Take 5 long pulls without the battery. This will avoid any burnt or distorted taste.


  • The vaporizer coils of this pen heat up instantly.
  • Using Keyy/Bob cartridges with other pen/battery devices OR other cartridges with Keyy/Bob pens/batteries is NOT recommended

We have successfully developed a proprietary technique to distill cannabis oil that removes ALL impurities and co-developed a pen vaporizer design that quickly vaporizes the thickest and most purified oil. This is not a pen for puffing. It’s a pen for the long haul.