Mellow Oil EXTRA Strength Sugar-Free Himalayan Salt Dark Chocolate Bar with 1200mg Full Spectrum CBD / 60g with 15 squares


Mellow Oil’s Signature Hemp Edible chocolates are crafted with love in small batches right here in Vancouver, with rich natural ingredients and full spectrum hemp extract.

Each sugar-free dark chocolate bar is 95% cacao, with 15 delicious squares enhanced with a little Himalayan salt – each square offers 80mg of high potency Full Spectrum CBD that you know and trust.



Sugar-free — lightly sweetened with stevia along with erythritol and maltitol which are sugar alcohols naturally derived from sugar, and are sugar substitutes your body won’t process. They’re used with this chocolate to mellow the naturally bitter flavour that a very pure, dark chocolate has at 95% purity. 

Each square contains 80mg of Full Spectrum CBD.


Cocoa butter, unsweetened chocolate, full spectrum hemp extract, soy lecithin, erythritol, maltitol, stevia, himalayan salt, natural flavour.

Recommended Use:

1/4 to 1 square daily, or as advised by a physician.

NOTE: Erythritol and maltitol are naturally derived sugar alcohols, which may cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Please limit consumption to recommended serving sizes and discontinue use if discomfort occurs for more than a few days.


Mellow Oil Extra Strength Sugar Free Himalayan Salt Dark Chocolate Bar With 1200mg Full Spectrum Cbd 60g With 15 Squares