Mellow Oil Purity PLUS CBD Oil Blend 30ml with 1200mg CBD / 40mg CBD per mL


A rich blend of NANO emulsified broad spectrum* CBD oil, pure CBD and MCT oil offers the best of both worlds — all the cannabinoids in a very light colour with a sweet, mildly earthy flavour with notes of mint and the sea. Each bottle is also fortified with pure CBD that offers a potent boost compared to most other broad spectrum CBD oils.

Mellow Oil’s PURITY PLUS 1200mg CBD Oil delivers 40mg of Broad Spectrum* blended with pure CBD every dropper for a total of 1200mg of CBD each 30ml bottle.

Each dropper is 1ml / 40mg of CBD.

Mellow’s premium Purity PLUS CBD oil is designed to help maintain your overall wellness, using a unique blend of NANO emulsified Broad Spectrum* CBD oil fortified with pure CBD, organic hemp seed oil and MCT oil. It has a lighter, mild hemp flavour.


Organic hemp seed oil, fractionated coconut MCT oil**, hemp derived broad spectrum CBD oil, pure hemp derived cannabidiol (CBD) isolate

Bottle colour may vary.

* Whole hemp plant extract cannabidiol and no detectable THC.
** ONLY coconut oil derived MCT, with no palm-based “MCT” oils.

Half Dropper: 20mg CBD
Full Dropper: 40mg CBD