Notorious THC Strain


Notorious THC, a captivating indica-dominant hybrid strain (70% indica / 30% sativa) born through the expert blending of the powerful Ghost of Von Humboldt, Caramel Cream, and Humboldt Frost strains. For those in search of a potent bud with a delightful array of stoney effects, look no further than Notorious THC.

The experience begins with a subtle onset, gradually infiltrating both the mind and body before fully enveloping you in a state of pure, unfocused joy and tranquility. Your thoughts will drift into a creative, yet unfocused realm of blissful positivity, free from any racing or negative thoughts. Meanwhile, your body will surrender to a sedative, heavy relaxation, leaving you feeling fully immersed in a stoned state from head to toe.

With an average THC level of 29% and 1% CBD level, Notorious THC is a top choice for patients battling chronic pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and appetite loss or nausea.

This strain boasts a delightful sweet and creamy vanilla flavour, complemented by a subtle skunky and nutty aroma. Give Notorious THC a try and experience the ultimate in relaxation and positivity.



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