Paramount Extracts Hybrid Shatter THC – Alien OG


Alien OG brings to you a unique combination that will tend to your problems in a very effective way. The Alien OG is very beneficial for your mental and physical health. When you make use of the Alien OG, you start feeling Euphoric and happy at the same time. It also makes you feel uplifted yet quite lazy as well. What’s more, you also start feeling stupendously creative under the influence of the Alien OG. This is why it is used to relieve stress, migraines, pain and anxiety and treat insomnia. It can come in sweet, earthy and even pine like flavours.



Get lost in the shatter THC wave

Paramount Extracts delivers a beautiful shatter for quick relief when you need it most. Due to the potent shatter THC concentrate, your body will thank you for its revitalizing effects. Check out our inventory here at Speed Greens for more shatter THC options!



Take in all the benefits of Paramount Extracts Shatter THC

A Potent Shatter Drug That Will Ease Your Most Stubborn Aches And Pains

Paramount Extracts Shatter drug delivers fast relief from your most troubling conditions. Sometimes you want to wind down after a stressful day and not worry about any irritations or bothering sensations. Because of the high cannabinoid content, this shatter THC has plenty of medicinal properties. You can use it to calm down chronic bouts of pain associated with arthritis, nerve damage, or temporary conditions such as bruising. It also has plenty of psychoactive properties that make it great for treating anxiety and depression. If you’re having trouble sleeping, it helps those with insomnia.


Effects / Features

Get all the effects associated with this shatter THC

Paramount Extracts Helps You Gain That Euphoric Feeling When You Need It Most

This particular product uses the Alien OG strain, which has a unique combination of properties that will help you loosen up. When inhaled, you will feel the euphoric effects start to take over. Before you know it, your uplifted spirits will have you doing things you’re not used to doing. You’ll be more comfortable and pleasant around those around you. A burst of creativity might even move you to complete a task. A creeping body high will start to take over as the shatter THC works it way into your mind and body. At that point, you will feel quite lazy. Sinking into that comfy couch is your best bet!



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Alien OG Is A Potent Strain That Will Set Your Desires Free!

Paramount Extracts delivers incomparable quality through a complex process for your enjoyment. This particular product is made with the Alien OG strain. It is a hybrid strain that crosses the classic Tahoe OG and Alien Kush strains. It has an earthy and pine taste with a citrus aroma. Light the shatter THC on your favourite dab rig or with your go-to vape. Make sure you keep this shatter drug out of high temperatures, moisture, oxygen, and direct sunlight.