Pink Bubba

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Pretty in pink doesn’t even begin to cover Pink Bubba! On top of its show-stopping good looks, this strain is potent to boot. Pink Bubba has THC levels pushing 25%, soothing your mind and relaxing your body. From start to finish, this indica-dominant hybrid will engage and delight your senses!



Pink Bubba has us tickled pink! This Kush-descended strain is an indica-leaning hybrid. Its original breeders remain a mystery. But we know that it’s a cross between Pink Kush and popular Bubba Kush parent strains. Despite the mystery surrounding it, Pink Bubba continues to rise in popularity. After a couple of puffs, it won’t be hard to understand why! Not only is it potent with THC levels reaching 25%. Its incredible mellowing effects will have you experiencing relaxation like never before.

Pink Bubba won’t just make you forget about your stress at the end of a long day. It’ll completely obliterate it!

Appearance and Flavour 

Pink Bubba is truly pretty in pink in every sense! This strain’s flowers are medium to large. They are also chunky and roughly spherical in shape. Dark, rust-coloured pistils twist their way through the minty green buds. Of course, there are pink undertones throughout that put the “pink” in Pink Bubba! Finally, the crowning glory of this strain comes in the form of a golden coating of crystal trichomes. This cherry on top provides a glittery effect to the flower that will draw your eye and steal your heart!

Keep in mind, though, this layer of trichomes makes the Pink Bubba buds very sticky. So, make sure to have your trusty weed grinder close by!

Even before you open the bag, Pink Bubba‘s scent has a way of making itself known! You’ll notice a pungent smell of wet soil. Notes of woody pine and a subtle floral tinge join the distinct Pink Bubba aroma. These smells only intensify when you break the buds apart and smoke them. Cracking open the buds also releases hash, peppery notes that betray its Kush lineage.

Not only does it look and smell pretty, but the flavour is almost impossible to resist! Overtones of wet soil and wood dominate its delicious smoke. You’ll likely also notice floral notes in the mix, as well. On the exhale, there’s a refreshing pine taste with a slight floral accent. Pink Bubba can produce heavy, acrid smoke that may induce coughing or watery eyes. So, be sure you’re prepared by having some type of beverage nearby! You’ll also have to take some extra precautions if you want to toke on this dank strain in public. This strain’s smoke is particularly pungent. So, be ready to go the extra mile to hide your high. Trust us. It’s well worth it!


The Pink Bubba high may be slow to start. It can take upwards of 10 to 15 minutes for the effects to kick in. That said, when they do, you’re in for a treat! The high starts with light pressure around the temples. This feeling will intensify with every toke. You’ll experience a soothing euphoria that will transport your mind to paradise. This overwhelming happy feeling will make you smile from ear to ear. Even the sun will have to compete with how strong you’ll be beaming! Stress? Worries? Anxiety? Not if Pink Bubba has anything to do with it! A dream-like haze follows suit as you experience this strain’s impressive indica properties. You’ll soon feel your tummy start to grumble. Pink Bubba is a hungry strain that is likely to bring on a rabid case of the munchies! With this in mind, try to prep some snacks ahead of your sesh. It might be too late to grab a bite once the heavy-hitting effects sink in.

It won’t take long for your entire body will succumb to the tranquillizing effects of Pink Bubba. Soon enough, your limbs will feel heavier and heavier. As the effects wear on, you’ll likely find yourself fighting to stay awake. A battle most tokers will inevitably lose. Eventually, Pink Bubba will lull you into a soothing and relaxing sleep.

With this in mind, Pink Bubba is best left to nighttime use when you don’t have any other plans.

With its heavily sedating properties, this bud has several medical uses. Its mood-enhancing effects are excellent for reducing stress and soothing anxiety. These qualities also make it great for symptoms of depression. Its heavy-hitting physical properties can cut through chronic pain and muscle tension. Finally, since it brings on the munchies, Pink Bubba can also help stimulate appetite.

Pink Bubba Medical Benefits 

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Muscle Tension, Appetite Loss