Pink Frost Craft Top Shelf Weed (AAAA)


GRADE: AAAA Craft Top Shelf
TYPE: Indica
EFFECTS: Body High, Happy, Relaxing
HELPS WITH: Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Migraines, Nausea



This indica dominant hybrid creates an unimaginable sensation

Crossing the Pink Kush and Permafrost strains bring the best of both worlds into an amazing hash. Sensory detail peaks so that you can find yourself immersed in another dimension. It lulls you into a state of relaxation to dissociate you from a wide variety of stressful situations. Check out our best indica strains and buy online weed.



Indica strains to keep you feeling positive

Ease both your body and mind to the fullest with this indica strain

The bud is truly a beauty to behold. Like many of its indica counterparts, you can bet that it delivers a calming, mind-numbing sensation that is sure to please the senses. It has plenty of relaxing characteristics to tackle chronic pain, appetite loss, migraines, and nausea. With its sativa properties, you can bet on its stimulating effects. It helps alleviate overwhelming stress, anxiety, nervousness, fatigue, and tension.


Effects / Features

Buy online weed that is sure to please the senses

The versatility of Pink Frost Indica Strains combine the properties of both indica and sativa

Pink Frost AAAA Indica Strain harmoniously blends the effects of indica and sativa to help give an intense body high. It leads to a relaxing and uplifting mood while bringing together the exhilarating and stimulating effects. These features allow an increase in the flow of creative juices and energy. As many dominant indica strains are recommended to take during the night, you can take Pink Frost at any time of the day. It makes you want to get work done while providing you with the peace of mind you deserve. You don’t have to worry about stressing out throughout the day with this top shelf weed. You will feel a mild buzzing in the back of your head, which will gradually spread throughout the rest of your body.



Pink Frost Strain is a beauty to behold

A delivery of sensations with an abundance of looks, tastes, and smells

The fragrant buds of Pink Frost Top Shelf Weed have an aroma that’s a mix of floral and kush with a delicious vanilla touch. There is a tinge of pungency since the nuggets are broken apart and ground up. The flavour consists of tasty herbs and spices with a skunky pungent exhale. When the vanilla accents come in, that exhale will further intensify. The thick, frosty layer of trichomes litter the bud and give it a distinct look. Because of its high grade and hybrid status, it packs quite a full-body experience. Its potency reaches the average 17-20% range.