Pink Kush


Pink Kush is a staple for many growers to use when breeding powerful strains, a famous example would be Tom Ford Pink Kush. This Indica dominant strain has a legendary lineage of the great OG Kush, a powerhouse that is considered one of the best. With such a background, it’s guaranteed to be a heavy hitter that will produce a deep high that lasts for hours on hours. Get ready for a carefree day as you sit back and enjoy this one. Munchies are going to hit with this one and you may not want to stop the deliciousness.




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Pink Kush has a sweet and flowery aroma with light earthy tones on top. Forget about the effects, the smell is enough to put a smile on your face!


This Pink Kush phenotype expresses rich and delightful tones of a sweet floral blend. Upon inhaling, you may detect a slightly sharp peppery aftertaste. As you exhale, this sweet and floral profile expresses a blend of earth-like and wood tones that creates an overall taste experience similar to that of vanilla. It leaves both a slight candy-like and herbal aftertaste.


Pink Kush is gorgeous. One look at this beautiful floral weed will be enough to convince you of that. As an Indica-dominant hybrid strain, the bud structure is dense and heavy. On the surface, hints of brilliant purple weed hues contrast against its lighter green colour. Bright orange pistils can also be seen poking through the thick layer of white trichomes covering the surface.

Pink Kush Strain Effects

After Pink Kush made its debut in BC, its popularity spread rapidly, giving us one of the most popular Indica dominant strains available on the market today. When it comes to the experience, this strain produces a powerful body high thanks to its high THC content. Users usually describe this strain as calming and relaxing. That said, even if this strain is powerful, you won’t be put out. Instead, you will be taken to a euphoric headspace. It’s time to say goodbye to all those negative thoughts!

Keep in mind that this strain produces strong munchies, so be sure to stock up on snacks and foods. It’s also got a lot of medicinal benefits too. Its body buzz works wonders for treating chronic pain, muscle tension, cramps, or other consequences of constant stress and inflammation. You should definitely reserve this one for later-in-the-day use. This strain is a bit of a couch-lock smoke, as Pink Kush is a mostly Indica blend and is much loved for exactly that reason. Many also find this vanilla-scented jewel the perfect antidote to serious sleep issues. It’s also extremely effective for both pain and insomnia.



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The euphoria and stress relief are enough to warrant Pink Kush a Gold Medal. This Indica-dominant hybrid is one of the most narcotic buds you can encounter on the cannabis market. Pink Kush is a bit of a couch-lock smoke, as it is a mostly Indica blend and is much loved for exactly that reason.