Twisted Extracts Mango Jelly Bomb (Sativa)



Corn syrup, sugar, water, gelatin, cannabis extract, coconut oil, citric acid, artificial colour and flavouring, carnauba wax.




Twisted Extracts Mango Jelly Bomb (Sativa)

Twisted Extracts welcomes the original jelly bomb: a cannabis-infused gummy designed to make consumption a breeze. Every jelly bomb is jam-packed with 10 mg. of THC each and bursting with juicy, delicious flavours. Twisted ensures that every package is lab-tested and quality assured to guarantee only the best ingredients are included. Twisted Extracts’ Mango jelly bombs are totally safe and easy to consume, making them some of the best edibles in the Canadian cannabis market.

Using a proprietary extraction method to ensure that each gummy is up to their standards, Twisted actually crafts their edibles in-house–not in some faraway lab. Then, confection experts hand-wrap each gummy to ensure a perfect presentation no matter where they’re headed.

Twisted Extract offers these treats in a mango jelly bomb with sativa-dominant cannabis oil. To keep you uplifted and energized, Twisted Extracts infuses–not sprays–each of their gummies with THC derived directly from sativa strains. This guarantees potent effects that you can rely on for consistency. These creative effects paired with juicy notes of natural mango result in a gummy that you won’t even remember is infused. (Until about an hour later, that is.)

To enjoy, simply consume one whole Mango Jelly Bomb gummy. Twisted recommends waiting between thirty minutes to an hour for effects to kick in, though this may be different for everyone. If you’ve taken a gummy and have yet to experience effects after a few hours, enjoy another! With every gummy being non-toxic and totally pure, you can consume Twisted Extracts Mango Jelly Bomb with confidence.



Twisted Extracts is a cannabis brand that’s been making a name for themselves since 2015. Twisted began as a small company of three but has since grown exponentially, now partnering with some of the best confection experts Canada has seen yet. It was their goal to create cannabis products that are not only delicious, but are consistently and reasonably dosed, too. By working closely with Canada’s Craft Grower Community to see the process firsthand–seed to final product–Twisted guarantees all of their products match their high standards. But, that’s not all they stand for.

Twisted Extracts dedicates themselves to adding a little bit of twist into everything they do. This means that these products, whether it’s an edible or a tincture, will be unlike any cannabis product you’ve tried yet. Using specialized extraction processes and working directly with a Health-Canada-approved lab, Twisted Extracts ensures quality at its finest. They test every one of their products’ oils pre and post-creation, and Twisted’s lab-test results are readily available for anyone interested. 

Twisted Extracts is passionate about advocacy and cannabis equality. The brand partners with three different organizations, Move the Movement, Opioid Crisis, and The Good Vibes Tour, to help bring awareness and show support. These Canadian-based organizations are all about improving their community–just like Twisted.

Gummies, tinctures, caramels, and sampler boxes… what more could you need? Twisted’s impressive product line is exactly what got them their popularity. Offering more than just one product but not an overwhelming selection, Twisted’s carefully selected options are meant for every cannabis consumer. They offer products that contain exclusively CBD, as well as options full of cannabis oil containing high levels of THC. Whether you’re wanting some medicinal benefits or just a relaxing high, Twisted Extracts has just what you need. 

Twisted Extracts is the maker of the world-famous Jelly Bombs. These Jelly Bombs are THC and CBD-infused gummies that come in an easy-to-dose, rectangular candy with pre-measured squares. Available in both indica and sativa strains, you’re able to enjoy Twisted’s Jelly Bombs in the morning or the evening–or both! Twisted makes these jellies using extracted cannabis oil from either indica-dominant or sativa-dominant strains to achieve desired, intoxicating effects. But, if you’re looking for more of a balanced Jelly Bomb, Twisted also offers their reputable gummies in 1:1 options. This produces a perfect blend of THC and CBD for both medicinal benefits and psychoactive effects.

These Jelly Bombs come in various delicious flavours. Each flavours are unique to the cannabis oil used. For example, the sativa Jelly Bombs are available in bright, uplifting flavours like apple, mango, and orange. The indica options come in more deep, relaxing flavours like black cherry and raspberry. 

Along with their famous Jelly Bombs, Twisted Extracts also offers premium cannabis oil drops. Twisted makes these tinctures simply with avocado oil, cannabis extract, and natural orange flavouring to create an organic formula your body will love. Just like their Jelly Bombs, Twisted also offers their cannabis oil drops in both indica and sativa options, as well as pure CBD tinctures. You can either enjoy these drops by placing them directly under your tongue or add it to your meals, drinks, or any oil-based food like salad dressing. Either way, you’re enjoying cannabis oil in a fast-acting, potent methodology almost effortlessly. Vegan, sugar-free, and quality-tested, Twisted Extract’s cannabis oil drops are ones you know you can rely on. 

Don’t worry: Twisted Extract offers more than just tinctures and gummies. They have also begun to dive into the world of cannabis-infused caramels and sampler packs. Twisted makes these caramels from the same great oil that the Jelly Bombs are to ensure you’re getting the effects you know and love. Or, if you simply don’t know where to start, indulge in Twisted’s sampler box instead! This box contains one Jelly Bomb of each type to help you decipher which ones work best for you specifically. 

Trusting Twisted Extracts is easy. All the information you need to know about their company, extraction process, and ingredients are readily available, and they even urge you to reach out directly for other questions or inquiries. Twisted exclusively utilizes Canada-sourced cannabis for their products, resulting in a home-grown feel from farmers you can trust. With their wide selection of both indica and sativa products, as well as THC and CBD options, Twisted guarantees you’ll find a product that’s right for you. Consistently dosed for a reliable result, this Canadian cannabis company creates products that are miles above the rest. But, the only way for you to know is to try it for yourself.

Twisted Extracts has now partnered with Get Kush to help you receive products faster than ever. Get Kush ships your Canadian cannabis products from their online dispensary straight to your doorstep. As long as you have a Canadian ID that proves you’re of the legal consumption age, Get Kush will send you your favourite products no problem. This way, you don’t have to leave your home to get your favourite weed. Plus, it ships quickly and efficiently, and your products will always show up in perfect condition. 

Once you find your ideal Twisted Extracts product, make a purchase through Get Kush! We will help you enjoy your juicy Twisted Jelly Bombs or potent cannabis oil with ease and comfortability. Soon, you’ll never have to go without your favourite Twisted Extract product.